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  1. First game post-bye week and the Devils are five points back of the second wild card slot (honestly I expected worse, not playing for a week, but the standings broke somewhat well).

    Schneider in net, Moore back from his concussion, and Taylor Hall bobblehead night. If this game could mirror my first ever Devils game (5-0 vs Sharks in 1993) that'd be swell.

    (As an aside...if anyone gets an extra or doesn't want theirs or goes with a Sharks fan who doesn't want a likeness if Taylor Hall in their home, do hit me up. Won't be going & tue is the first bobblehead game I'll have missed since they started doing em again.)

    Let's go Devils!

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  2. On 1/26/2017 at 1:24 AM, Weekes Head said:

    Okay, they roped me back in with that poster. Easily the best one this season. I'm conflicted though...while I'm still going to totally buy this poster, I'm concerned the Devils will get their butts stomped by the Caps and this beautiful poster will be a memory of the latest massacre the Devils suffer. Ah well. It's too pretty. I must buy.

    I'll grab a couple extra again if anyone is interested in one. Just PM me!

    Did you happen to wind up with extras? I couldn't go but love that poster.

  3. I don't know, I like the text only one sometimes. I feel like tonight's works. Wasn't a fan of the Oilers one. Looking forward to the ones Anthony (the guy from Columbus) actually does, I know he's got both Columbus games in March. Feels like he's only done three or four so far, and he said he's doing 13-14, so a bunch of his are still to come.

  4. 2 hours ago, PacificDevil said:

     In 2012-2013 up until July '13, Lou was in "retooling" mode. The team was being built around Kovalchuk and the idea that making playoffs where anything can happen based on 2012 was very much within reach. All the moves made clearly support this strategy

    1) Keeping the 29th pick - if you plan on making the playoffs you project your pick next year to be say 20th-25th, not much difference. Yet, who knows maybe you can get super lucky with 29th for that pick to contribute soon enough 

    2) Trading basically Bo Horvat for Schneider. It took Horvat till 2016-17 to really make a name for himself, meanwhile Schneider could have been the difference in 2012-13 between making and not making the playoffs so why not get him ahead of 2013-2014

    3) Signing players Ryder and Clowe no rebuilding team would do that

    Now the second Kovalchuk leaves - most of these moves don't make sense anymore (except maybe Schneider) but too late now - it becomes a scramble to patch up a competitive roster almost works for 2013-14 season but wheels fall off next year.


    I honestly believe it was a combo of this thinking and the belief that he'd somehow get out from under the punishment anyway (which, as some have mentioned, he sort of did) that resulted in us keeping the 29th pick. And I believe that it was some level of hubris that resulted in that pick being Matteau (though I vaguely remember thinking Matteau was a stretch, I look at the draft now in the late first/early second rounds and really all we missed out on there was Tanner Pearson a pick later, assuming we weren't picking a goalie like Stolarz that high).

  5. I don't entirely see what about that jersey can be "modernized" well outside of the logo - has a shade of red been discovered in the last 25 years?

    If the logo is likely to stay the same, then I feel like "modernizing" the jersey is going to entail adding pointless stuff to it.

    That said, a shoulder patch in the shape of NJ I guess would be kind of neat.

  6. 21 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

    Place is empty. Not surprised. I did walk by Gratto Bistro on Green Street and it was actually open but not a single customer in there. I didn't get here early enough to try it out, figures lol

    I had free lower level tickets for tonight, and couldn't afford the train tickets in.

    Rather, I could have, but not eating later in the week didn't seem worth what they've been putting out on the ice to deal with that. Disappointed, though - they were good seats. If anyone's in an upper level and wants to go down, section 17 row 17 seats 8 & 9 are empty for the night.

  7. I imagine they'll do the rest of that end of the arena (six more panels), then maybe above the 200s. Sure looks like it's meant to be permanent based on SH's photos (great shots btw).

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  8. Home whites and that patch? God I wish I could go.

    i remember that signing at Menlo Mall. I too never got in. If I recall correctly, the Cup was also at the Sears in Woodbridge Mall that summer at some point as well. I think we got in to that and got a picture of (not with) the Cup. Can't remember what the deal was, I assume my mom didn't want to wait in line or something.

    Edit: And by "I wish I could go" I have decided that fvck it, I am going. See some of ya there.

  9. 6 hours ago, Marshall said:

    Goddamnit I totally missed that. Sorry.

    No worries. It wouldn't even be quite so impossible now if the Metro didn't suddenly become the Thunderdome. Hard to tread water when the top five teams in the division go on 7, 10, 13 game winning streaks. Can honestly say I didn't expect that Columbus would still not have lost in between that first post and now.

  10. 8 hours ago, Marshall said:

    They need around 95 points to catch the final wild card...that's 62 in 47. Don't hold your breath.

    I posted that before the skid got particularly bad. My hope was they would tread water, which obviously they're not doing. That'll make the turn in the schedule in February moot.

    Which is fine, whatever, if they're not a playoff team, might as well have a few more decent picks for the rebuild.

  11. Happy holidays, NJDevs family. Enjoy the time off if you have it. I haven't been as active on here as I used to, but I still follow quite a bit and am always down for some superstitious starting of GDTs. This place is still the best Devils fan gathering on the internet, let's hope the team makes us proud in the new year.



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  12. I don't really believe we're a playoff team this year, but unless things get REALLY bad in the coming weeks, I don't think we're totally out of it either. There's a stretch in February where something like 12 of 14 games are at home, and one of those two is in Brooklyn. The way they've been playing at home, I would hope they can tread water until the schedule evens out some, and hopefully go on a tear then.

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