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  1. 39 minutes ago, eaglejelly said:

    I guess its better than Golden Shower.

    A City that has 2 words its name shouldn't have a team name that has 2 words as well. The whole name is more loke a sentence.

    Honestly, I think that's why they dropped "Las" and are going just Vegas Golden Knights.

    i love the logo, not fond of the name. I feel like in 6-10 years they'll be the Las Vegas Knights, which is what everyone is going to call them anyway.

    (Still say Vegas Aces would have been awesome.)

  2. Not sure what to do here, my points streak was hilariously sniped by @jagknife but we still won so...fvck it, gonna make one anyway.

    Schneider/Lehner in nets tonight after the battle of the backups yesterday. Rest of the lineup TBD but I don't imagine much changes unless Cammalleri is back.

    My prediction: Andy Greene hat trick, a penalty shot goal each period.

    Let's Go Devils!

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  3. On 11/4/2016 at 4:42 PM, Martyisth3b3st said:

    Let's get back on topic here people.

    are fiddlers your favorite stringed musicians? Do they belong in the same category as guitarists?

    If you wanna post in Jersey, you gotta have a Fiddler in the thread.

  4. Looking like that. Between isles, nets, and Yankees come April, I guess it makes sense. Sucks on my end though, I'm usually in the car during games, I'd much prefer to just put on the radio than blow through my data and hope my phone doesn't die while I'm driving. Oh well. Probably a good thing for the team in the end if the added content is worth checking out.

    Edit: Also, wow, more people from this board follow me on twitter than I remembered, hah.

  5. 1 hour ago, Satans Hockey said:


    I think maybe cause I'm a bit older now or simply because I have so much Devils stuff in boxes from all my years of going that I dont feel like I need to have everything anymore. I use to buy the programs when they were selling them every game and I stopped doing that around 08 because I have so many it's ridiculous. Nowadays I rarely buy anything except for a pin/puck of the playoff series, which I haven't had to worry about in a long time either lol

    Honestly that's largely been where I've been for awhile now too - been selling off bits of my collection to help pay rent and things like that in leaner months, and to just generally downsize (how much STUFF can one really need anyway? And like you said, often it's just that there's not enough room, or I don't connect with having a ton of Devils sh!t on the walls the way I might have as a teenager and 20-something). That said, there's just something about the posters for me - I've always been a fan of concert posters, so seeing that style connected to hockey last year was fun; seeing our traditionally staid team embrace and even sell them this year, for a reasonable price and for charity (I believe) just makes it worth it. If I somehow manage all 41, I'll probably frame 5-6 of the best ones and store the rest in a portfolio for future signing/display purposes.

  6. 55 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:

    I only bought the first two and doubt I buy anymore. If you're actually collecting  all of them what the hell are ya gonna do with them all? 41 is a huge amount to frame and hang. 

    My apartment's walls have been mostly bare since moving in here last year...with some maneuvering I could make it work.

    Doubt I'll really frame them all (or even get them all at this rate, only have 3/5 pending a trade for the coyotes game one. Still, would love to have em all eventually. It's cheap enough to make it worth trying to collect. 

  7. The guy from Columbus who's now with NJ, Anthony Zych, has said he's doing 14-15 of them over the course of the year, and that it's a team effort, so other artists are getting involved as well.

    i was a huge fan of the concept last year, so naturally I'm loving that we've got it going here this year.

    I've got two of them now (opening night and the Lightning game) with a third (Coyotes) on the way, and am really interested in putting together a full collection, even though I know full well I won't be able to get to even close to all of the games. If anyone's willing to pick up an extra at games you go to, I'll be glad to pay you back for them and/or pick up extras when I go in order to trade. 

    FYI, they look great framed. I doubt I'll frame them all but I picked up a cheap poster frame from target for like $7 for the two I have and they look great in my apartment.

  8. It's finally here! Home open! Players walk the red carpet at 4, new One Jersey-themed ice projection at 6:45, game at 7.


    Anticipated Devils lines:










    Let's go Devils!

  9. Mine was in a spam filter, so you might want to check that too. Also if you get it sent to your phone and you're phone isn't pushing notifications immediately, it may take a bit - I wasn't getting notifications pushed for 12 hours apparently.

    On the plus side, it looks like they've added opening night to the promo. Got myself a pair of lower level seats. Guess I'm canceling class Tuesday.

  10. I feel like we'd have been more likely to lose Kinkaid on waivers to San Jose just due to the familiarity for DeBoer. Wedgewood wasn't up when DeBoer was here - I'm sure he got reports and saw him in camps, but I feel like his hands-on experience with Wedgewood is much more limited.

    Pretty much anyone else has a tandem set, so they'd have to expose Wedgewood to waivers to get him in the AHL too (I think - can someone else confirm?), so short of cutting their backup, I can't see most teams picking him up, even with the potential he may (or may not) have.

    It's probably worth the risk. (Now watch him get claimed by San Jose and blow up all this neat little logic I convinced myself with.)

  11. 8 minutes ago, Devilsfan118 said:

    Is there any reason you sign a kid who is almost certainly going back to major-junior?

    Contract slides, so it doesn't go into effect until he starts playing professionally (the after 9 games bit, I believe). Also allows them to bring him over after his junior season ends to play in the NHL/AHL a la Zacha last year, I think.

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