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  1. Has anyone said anything about the attendance? It's more crowded than I expected, at least what can be seen on camera...
  2. Snow and ice doesn't cancel work for me tonight it appears, so I guess I'm not going or watching Drive safe and GO DEVILS! Do a Rangers Suck for me?
  3. I'm impressed. I can't even draw stick figures right...looks awesome
  4. Ahh...I think a friend of mine used to work there back in the day, years ago. Assuming I'm thinking of the same place you speak of anyways. But yeah, I don't think I've ever actually been there, hah.
  5. Thanks for consolidating all that information into one easy little bite-sized post!
  6. Hey all...been reading for a few weeks, trying to register but losing the confirmation e-mails deep in the AOL abyss. Finally wised up to that fact and used a different email. I've been a Devils fan since my first game in 1992(3?), a 5-0 victory over the Sharks...Terreri shutout, Stephan Richer hat trick...Until a few weeks ago in the 3-2 shootout loss to Tampa Bay, I had never seen the Devils lose in person in over 30 games (though way more ties than I would have liked!). Outside of hockey, I'm a manager at a retail store in Woodbridge, NJ and am looking into getting a second job at a sports shop specifically for the employee discount (discounted Devils stuff > full price Devils stuff). I'm as big a fan of alternative/independant music as I am of hockey. My current musical obsessions are The Zambonis (naturally), Wilco, VAST, The Faint, Kaiser Chiefs, and that new Modest Mouse song. My current Devils obsession is Johnny Oduya (my girlfriend loves his name, and he's not a half bad player either.) I'll be at the game on Friday against Pittsburg and look forward to wasting away pretty much all my free time around here. --Josh
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