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  1. I'd like to see Doc go in as well. I went a little off the traditional board for my guesses and was thinking Sarge, Lemaire, Doc, Chico, and the Crash Line as a unit. im glad to see we're finally doing something like this.
  2. Schedule's out in an hour (1 PM today). So far we know: @ Florida 10/13 vs Anaheim 10/18 @ Boston 10/20
  3. They haven't announced anything yet. I've gone in the past and it's been alright but nothing special. That said, events have gotten noticably better in the new ownership era, so if they announce one I'll probably consider going if I'm less flat broke by then (even if it's free, I probably couldn't swing gas and parking right now).
  4. Make it the Bats, then play the Bat Country clip from Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas before every home game.
  5. Hey everyone, So I'm running into some massive financial issues. A little background: as some of you may know, I teach college English on an adjunct basis as my primary job. Unfortunately, over the summer there's very little work available. I've been trying to make ends meet with a retail job and driving for Uber but things are getting really bad really quick. My rent is technically due tomorrow, a car payment Friday, car insurance payment not long after that, and I've got, well, not nearly enough to even start to cover that. So, I'm hoping to sell some of my Devils merch. I'm on mobile, so photos will be forthcoming if requested but i wanted to get a post up ASAP. If you're interested in anything, let me know. I can meet up if you're local to the central NJ area (I'm in Woodbridge), or can mail items if you don't mind covering the shipping. also, if you need anything written/edited/etc or know of any decent gigs that pay that I may be able to squeeze in, do let me know. Items I'm selling are (willing to listen to offers, worst that happens is I say no) Cory Schneider bobblehead (in box, unopened) - make an offer Patrik Elias autographed puck - $75 Travis Zajac autographed puck - $65 Andy Greene autographed puck - $40 Scott Neidermayer autographed '95 Cup team 20th anniversary puck: $100 Tom Chorske autographed '95 Cup team 20th anniversary puck: $25 2013 Draft Mini-helmet - $20 (good for autographs - Santini was out first pick that draft) Martin Brodeur Team Canada 2010 McFarlane figure - $25 Autographed white Devils jersey size XXL (signed by Lou, Robinson, Oduya, Janssen, and most of the 3rd/4th liners from the 2007-08 season - full list forthcoming) - $200 Autographed Rod Pelley puck - $20 (who knows, someone's got to want it, right?) Green Devils hat autographed by Marty, Zajac, Zubrus, Rutuu, Volchenkov - make an offer (note: probably best for display only, hat shows signs of wear, got the autographs running into the team outside their hotel in philly a few seasons ago) I'll add to this list as I get photos together and/or find more stuff I can part with to keep afloat. Thanks for looking.
  6. Entirely possible, I 50/50'd it and could well have guessed wrong.
  7. Just wait til this thread hits the sexy pirates stage.
  8. Surprisingly really well run event. The line for the photos with the statue, Cup, and Vezina moved quickly, lots of food, cool setup. I agree with SH (I think) in how apparent it is that we need a new scoreboard already - shame this arena opened just before the trend towards all-screen scoreboards (a la Tampa and Anaheim) started. Ran into a good bit of luck tonight - reached the statue for the photo op as the first period ended, wound up right in front of the stage as Marty came back out for trivia, then wound up winning the first round and got an autographed Mike Cammalleri jersey. Then later in the night my row won the train race thing and got Andy Greene pucks. I've had a seriously sh!tty run since moving last summer so that made for a nice night. Can't wait for tomorrow.
  9. Liking the new look. Also largely posting here to see if I still have a sig and if it's a normal size. Edit: Okay it's ugly but not obtrusive. Will have to fix that eventually.
  10. 1-4-1 shots by period, for a total of six on the game.
  11. Andy Greene has regularly made his partner better though, for a good five years now. He's become what Paul Martin was to him and Johnny Oduya, that steadying veteran presence. It's a shame there's only one of him, I do think that being paired with Greene has been good for just about anyone assigned to that post.
  12. Took the trip to Albany today. Really like the Lorito-Blandisi-Sislo line, Kujawinski impressed me with his speed and constant motor. Didn't get a ton of shifts but made the most of them.
  13. Went to Germantown Academy in Philly for high school, played in the Flyers Cup a couple of years, including being named MVP of it in '05. http://www.homenewspa.com/2015/05/19/from-yardley-to-yale-to-the-ahl-oneill-has-manchester-in-final-four/ Going to guess he probably grew up a Flyers fan (that area is very much Philly suburbs, despite being across the river from Trenton), but I'm really liking the local flavor we're seeing between him and Palmieri.
  14. I don't really have anything to say, I just feel like this needs to be seen by everyone a second time.
  15. I took TG's tweet to mean "I don't pay attention to the goal song" but now I'm seeing it could well be "you shouldn't pay attention to the goal song." That said, I REALLY hope it's this, I've been pushing for Howl since that first "vote" a couple of years ago. Reaction around me at the practice and on Twitter seemed largely positive (and not that it means much, but the team Twitter account favorited my tweet asking to keep it so who knows).
  16. In fairness, players did have Twitter accounts before, they were just either inactive (Elias - who's been inactive since like 09), run by someone else (Brodeur), or inactive during the season (Salvador). Oddly, Tootoo's was active all last season. Imagine he was allowed to keep his because of his book or something, since that's what it's mainly been used for since becoming a Devil.
  17. Doesn't matter, they'll miss the playoffs by four or five points and still win the lottery. Just so everyone can hate them a little more for the embarrassment of #1 overall riches.
  18. Actually going to miss Cam. Funny dude, very personable. But hey, at least we'll always have two seasons ago, when he scored THREE goals in a single season. Those few games were fun as hell.
  19. Same odds as this year for the first overall. Second and third increase proportionately as the first and second overall are removed from the pool.
  20. I like that the top 3 picks are subject to the lottery this year. Makes me think this team doesn't need to straight up tank to still earn a really good pick.
  21. Josefson briefly wore 9 at least, if not another number as well. FIrst season post-Parise, when he was still bouncing between the AHL and NHL. I think he was one of three or four guys to wear 9 that season.
  22. I'm not buying the Cammalleri switch until someone legitimate posts it. Cordell is garbage and no one trustworthy has picked up on it. Chere hasn't even posted a click-baity say-nothing "article" yet and he'll take any excuse to post an article that says nothing.
  23. There was one season...08-09ish I think...when he was still getting healthy scratched by Sutter early on. Those games, we would lose, and games where he played, we'd win. The #AndyGreeneEqualsWins hashtag was born on Twitter and 2MA, and that's when i remember him becoming a solid defenseman after a few years of growing pains. I think he became a number one guy in the last four years or so. Definitely my next jersey.
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