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  1. I understand the concerns, but I don't think this is anything but a steal for the Devils. Locking him up for six years, but some UFA years, and at that price? When defensemen are known to be slower on the learning curve and he started showing some real advancement this season? Absolutely worth the risk that he may not fully pan out. I prefer to look at it as we could have in a few years a top-10 NHL defenseman on our roster for a 4.1 mil cap hit.
  2. Holy crap, an Iggy sighting! Haven't seen you around in awhile (granted, I don't read as closely as I used to), hope alls well on your end
  3. And a happy Bastille Day to you my friend. (...okay, I'm late, but it's still the 14th in NJ soooo good enough right?)
  4. Also looking for a pair of tickets if anyone can who isn't planning on going can grab two.
  5. I remember Max Domi and Curtis Lazar being on a lot of people's radar. And even though he tumbled to 24, I remember Hunter Shinkaruk's name being bounced around a lot. But honestly, I'm not sure there was ever a consensus, "this is the guy they'll likely pick" type of name going around.
  6. Probably going to be looking for a pair if anyone has access to them but can't attend - feel free to PM me.
  7. Detroit is in the eastern time zone as well. Both they and Columbus wanted to be eastern conference teams because being in the eastern time zone but playing in the west meant that a large chunk of their road games were being played well after the traditional 7/730 start times, rather than the 5 or 6 teams like NJ have to deal with.
  8. Home openers on Wednesday, full schedule Thursday morning
  9. sh!t. I really want Tampa to take this.
  10. That's why I took the train. That year was the year I really started driving to games instead of taking the train in, but I wasn't fvcking around with those scalped prices.
  11. I'm surprised to see all of the freaking out over his comments, I took it as posturing - "We could totally take a defenseman here guys, better make it worth our while if you want one of em" kinda deal. Of course, I COULD also see us drafting a defenseman... Really I'd just like Mitch Marner to just fall to us, but that's probably far too much to ask.
  12. I haven't read through the entire thread, so apologies if it's come up already, but...whatever became of Mike Haviland? He was a hot coaching option for a few years, then apparently took over in Hershey and now is at Colorado College. Is there a reason he wasn't able to get anything on the NHL level after leaving the Blackhawks assistant job?
  13. Northern Middlesex county. It's definitely split, but I think there's more Devils than Rangers in the vicinity nowadays (of course, that's of people who follow hockey at all).
  14. I never thought so either, until I started a) going to games at other arenas, and b) working in the arena during games. In some places (upper concourse by the Boardwalk/bar/elevators), it's brutally loud. I was also shocked at how quiet Philly and Florida felt after being at Devils games all year, in terms of the volume of music.
  15. Habs over Sens in 6 Lightning over Red Wings in 7 Rangers over Penguins in 6 Islanders over Capitals in 6 Lightning over Habs in 6 Rangers over Isles in 5 Lightning over Rangers in 7 Ducks over Jets in 6 Flames over Canucks in 6 Blackhawks over Preds in 6 Wild over Blues in 6 Ducks over Flames in 5 Wild over Blackhawks in 7 Wild over Ducks in 6 Lightning over Wild in 5
  16. Hah yeah, that was me. She's not my girlfriend but yeah. No such luck, we gave up and went back to the fan fest for water and shade
  17. I don't live in Florida, making the trip for a bit of a vacation. Lightning game, Orlando, Panther game. Gonna be a fun little trip. I'm currently hanging out in the shade outside the arena...holy hell 90 degrees feels brutal when youre used to 35.
  18. I'll be sitting three rows from the ice. Looking forward to it. Let's go Devils!
  19. I'm actually 15 minutes away in Ybor City. Decided to go for cheaper over convenience. Hoping to get down there nice and early though and check out the surrounding area and whatnot. After a nap, though, because I badly need one.
  20. Just got to the hotel...I had forgotten what warmth and sunlight are like. I rather like it. I'm not sure what kind of time we'll have in Sunrise since we'll be driving from Orlando that day; odds are we'll pop into that ma for lunch then hang around until doors open. If anyone's at the game tonight, my friend and I will be down by the glass for warmups. Hope to see some of you there!
  21. You guys are awesome, I'll reply individually when I'm on my computer, but those all sound like great suggestions. I didn't think to park at the mall and bought a parking pass on stubhub. It was only 8 bucks though so no big deal. Marty - im also row 3 in a corner in Tampa, so I guess one in four chance we'll be sitting near each other lol. I'll post more as the trip goes on, and as I get to a computer again. Thanks again for the suggestions, and keep em coming!
  22. M So, I finally decided to start my vaguely-planned-for-years goal of reaching all 30 NHL cities at some point in my life this season, and will be leaving to visit Tampa and Sunrise for the final two games of this (wretched) season. I know there's a handful of posters here who live in the area and/or visit the arenas down there regularly, and I was just wondering if you could give me some tips on each place? When doors open, must-see attractions at the arenas, places to eat? My friend wishes to try to get autographs, is there anywhere in particular to try to wait to meet players pre/post game? Anything I should know about either place? We're spending a day in Tampa, a day in Orlando (Universal Studios/Harry Potter world), a day in Sunrise, and then another day back in Orlando before heading home. Any suggestions for things to do/places to go/etc would be much appreciated. If anyone's going to be at either game, I would love to meet up for a beer or something as well!
  23. Your best shot is probably signing up for GameCenter, but it's pricey and sometimes a minute or five behind the actual play. There's free, not-entirely-legal type streams available at places like Justin.tv, but with all of the pop-ups and clickbait links that seems legit but aren't, it's almost not worth it unless you're desperate to see it, and the streams usually aren't great quality.
  24. I'm at a Starbucks in Menlo Mall, I don't have the time or ability to make this good, feel free to add pics at your own will. Schneider starts, Elias out, Ryder stays in. No Malkin on the other end. Let's go Devils
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