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  1. It may shock you to learn, but the New Jersey Devils play another hockey game this evening, in Arizona. Here is a Game Day Thread for that game. Patrik Elias may or may not play due to back spasm. Cory Schneider starts. I'm not even sure who Arizona has as a backup goalie these days, so let's just guess it's Mike Smith starting for them; If not, it's probably a shooter tutor. Let's go Devils. Or, let's go apathy. They're both good choices, whatever floats your boat.
  2. Yeah what the hell, there isn't one up already so...yeah. Per TG, no lineup changes, Schneider v. Varlamov is your goaltending matchup. And...discuss. Or don't, whatever, I can't control you.
  3. Don't be ridiculous, enjoying things is not in the Devils fan DNA. We could go on a tear, make the playoffs, win the Cup, and we'd still be bitching that we blew our chance to draft McDavid.
  4. I've been wondering almost the opposite here. Let's say the Devils somehow win the draft lottery again. Buffalo finishes last and gets the #2 pick, Edmonton second-worst and is sitting at #3. Do you call up Edmonton and say "You guys just went from having either McDavid or Eichel to neither. Blow me away." and see if you can pull multiple pieces to fill some pretty glaring holes in this team (and future draft picks) and give up McDavid in the process? Or do you thank your lucky stars that you somehow won your second lottery in four years and take McDavid and go from there? I feel like you've gotta at least see what you can pry from them, assuming that they and their fans are gonna be livid after another season of misery, to miss out on the two generational players in the draft, and might be willing to do something stupid. It's all a huge hypothetical anyway, but so is this thread in general, so why not.
  5. I remember when he was in the draft, I was hoping we'd pick him. Mostly for the Jersey Shore headlines that'd crop up immediately on NHL.com, but also seemed like a solid skilled center.
  6. Now that I spend so much time around there, I'd kill for Trenton to return, but I wouldn't bank on it. I don't think the Devils are the only team without single ECHL affiliation, though. There's a graphic going around that connects all of the NHL/AHL/ECHL teams and I'm reasonably certain there are a few others like the Devils that stop at the AHL level. Edit: Found the graphic: http://www.icethetics.co/blog/2014/8/16/infographic-2014-15-nhl-affiliations - Devils are the only team without ECHL affiliation, though some teams share ECHL affiliations, and there's a small handful of ECHL teams that are unaffiliated. Sorry for the confusion.
  7. When the Devils did it, they didn't go on "sale" (free tix) until after the season ended. Same in Philly last year I believe, though I didn't handle getting my tickets to that one.
  8. Patrick Burke mentioned something on Twitter that I didn't even notice but is pretty insane. Towards the end (about 2:20 in), TJ Oshie fakes a slapshot by actually taking the shot, then getting his stick back in front of the puck almost immediately. That's some nifty hands there.
  9. So I'm heading out to Hershey next Saturday for the Bears/Devils game. Looking forward to it.
  10. Yeah, they are. I too am shocked it's not Jagr, but I'm guessing the NHL knew he wouldn't show if offered anyway based on his interview earlier (or maybe even offered and he turned it down?), and they needed to pick someone from our god awful team, so it may as well be one of the other beloved old guys. I personally would have gone Andy Greene, but he's again too good at his job and flies way below the radar.
  11. They're all picking up on a story that cites "speculation" as a reason for posting it. fvcking hell I cannot stand Rich Chere. Of course it'll be announced tomorrow because it makes sense and Chere won't have to be accountable for his clickbaity bullsh!t, but still...this kind of crap really annoys me.
  12. It got lost in the shuffle with the PDB firing, but anyone know why Maxime Cleremont got moved up from Orlando to Albany? Wedgewood is starting tonight for Albany, is Clemmensen injured? Called up? Schenider/Kinkaid got the mumps or some crap? http://theahl.com/stats/transactions.php?showFull=1&f_season_id=48&f_team_id=0
  13. Happy holidays to everyone here, whether you're new and I don't know you, or have been here forever and merely lurk these days (like I tend to), or somewhere in between. Hope everyone is safe and well, and has enough Christmas booze to forget about our stupid hockey team for three days. Cheers!
  14. I'm not particularly familiar with Albany's schedule and was posting when I should have been working, so I didn't get a chance to look it up. I'm hoping Kinkaid sees some NHL action, but I'm trained as a Devils fan to expect the most uninteresting thing possible, which would be Clemmensen going down just to come back up Friday.
  15. Could it not just be to get Clemmensen into some full-game action in Albany before starting an NHL game on Friday in Detroit? Does that make too much sense, or am I missing something important here?
  16. The "You Suck" during the piped in "Let's Go Devils" chants has it sounding like "Let's Go Suck"...which benefits no one...
  17. 7,311 in attendance for the Panthers game tonight against Ottawa (well, official attendance. First hand accounts say probably closer to 5,500). I understand it's a Monday night game versus the Senators, but oof.
  18. When they love you and they will (and they willlll) tell them all they're loving my shadow And if they try and hold you down (hold you downnn) tell them all to go to hell
  19. Considering how much time I spend in Philly these days, I'm hating that I can't be there. Had every intention of at least watching at a bar/from a friend's place down there. Damn life getting in the way.
  20. If you're in Woodbridge then you'd be doing the exact same commute as I do (assuming you go from Metropark since Woodbridge station isn't on the NE Corridor line). So yeah, about two hours/three trains each way, depending on connection times.
  21. Take NJ transit to Trenton, switch there for SEPTA to Center City (I usually go to Suburban Station - you may be able to switch at 30th Street as well, not sure) - take the orange line to the arena. It's a long commute (about two hours from where I am, Woodbridge/Metropark area) but nothing terrible. I have friends in Philly so I usually stay there overnight, but can't make it this time around.
  22. If it's the place I'm thinking of, Maloney's is cool. A friend of mine's band plays there occasionally. As far as concerts go...I haven't been to many this year, but the ones I did were wild. Won a trip via LiveNation to my choice of Made in America festivals (travel/hotel/tickets all paid). I chose the one in LA just to go to LA, despite Philly having a far better lineup. Watched the National on the feed from Philly while in LA, which was interesting. In person in LA, Rise Against were awesome. John Mayer was surprisingly interesting. My friend wanted to see Steve Aoki and he was alright for what he is (loud obnoxious dubstep). Weezer were okay, but mixing old and new songs just makes it incredibly stark how BAD everything since Green Album is. In all, it was a crazy packed weekend, but a lot of fun. Other show was Gaslight Anthem/Jimmy Eat World/Against Me in Philly. Benny (Gaslight Anthem) drummer had a family emergency and had to leave before the show started, so the drummer from Against Me filled in, learning 13 songs in a few hours. The show was really loose and fun and different. Gaslight ended with a 6 or 7 song acoustic set, including possibly my favorite song of theirs, the Navasink Banks.
  23. I'll be happy if they just have more options in player tees.
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