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  1. I was there last night too. Section 110 row 23. Could you beleive what happend with marty and avrey!? Crazy! I love the Rangers Suck chants. But after the fight and brawl with marty and everyone else during the second, and everyone in the intire stadium was chanting Rangers Suck. It was just amazing. It was one of the best games ive ever been too.
  2. I was at the game last night, 23 rows off the ice behind the net. Anyone else see marty and Avrey from the rangers get into that brawl towards the end of the second period? Avrey skated into marty, marty pushed him back, then avrey punched him in the head, causing him to stumble and loose his helmet, since he doesnt wear the chin strap because he wants the helmet to brake loose when the puck hits it, and almost wack his head on the crossbar then 2 devils deffenders, i forget who it was one being Rafalski, to grab him put him down on the ice and beat the hell out of him at the same time. After
  3. Quinn

    Your Favorite Devil

    Im new to the site, so i figured what better way to be welcomed by everyone listing who and why they are their favorite devils player. Ive always loved marty, just like any other devils fan, but this season, ive started loving Cam Jannsen more and more each time he gets out on the ice and beats the hell out of someone. haha What about you guys?
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