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  1. I would love to see... Pepe and Larry !
  2. Hell.. I remembered back when i was 9years old.. I saw Martin on the Newpapers (In april..) i was so like'WOW' I LIKE THEIR LOGO! Then i started to know the team.. Nhl.. Hockey.. Thats why i thank Marty and The Devils to let me know what Hockey is.. And what a sucessful franchise is in our days.
  3. I'll have to agree with you Satans
  4. bAH.. People want to be remarked. Any ways.. I prefer to have 10 consecutives seasons 40wins, 2stanleys cups(in 10 years..)Than, be a fan of Rangers or Flyers, to see GREAT HOCKEY STYLE. K Let me know how many Cups did these 2won? Nothing. Reporters seem to not understand why Devils play Devils play. Because you have the best goalie in the league, And .. You wiN! Why should they remove their system , to score goals like 6 or 5 ... And loose like the Rangers do? .Yah ,
  5. (N)Đ„verson.. (N)Đ„verson.. Why don't you go write an arcticle about.. CONTREVERSY, MESSIER WANNA BE A GM , HE WANTS THE PLACE OF SATHER!!!
  6. Yesterday game was so nice.. I watched it about.. 5min's left, when it was 5-3 or 5-4, .. Imagine, Sabers vs Sens in Playoffs XD
  7. Great win by the devs.. Go Clemmy Go!
  8. Its amazing, on www.theoutsidegarden.com , Rags fans wanna be Sellers.. They agreed to trade away Peter Prucha, They have to rebuild with prospects. Wow.. Thats been 11years that the Rangers have been signing F.A'S And they drafted rly badly.. Rags fans are kinda funny.
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