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  1. wow didn't get to watch the game and coming back from work(11pm) so anxious to see the result goes on NHL.com and see travis zajac scoring that OT GOAL WOW what a fvcking awesome pass from Kovy
  3. I'd like to say Rangers-Devils 06 nah, Pens and the golden boy off the NHl getting back off a concussion getting horribly beaten in a sweep against their rivals? meh
  4. to me even if the Devils lose, atleast they'll be 1-1 and getting home... I expect to see much more of the Panthers of the 2nd+3rd period, much more than that 1st period (disastrous for em) !
  5. this game was hysterical I can't remember a team being that bad in a series with such talent, perhaps the Trashers of 2007 but even then...(Trashers were eh lol) I'm glad the Devils didn't hold on Martin, dude looks like a former shelf of himself... that and...Pens are done.Fleury/D cannot do anything at all....Bryz's just almost as bad as Fleury that goal where he went up and that puck got in...I mean, just stay down and put your glove behing you or just check LOL that and ''getting out'' Rinaldo was understandable..bet the refs didn't want to deal with more penaltes or Rinaldo having a go..t
  6. Hey Manta was a great game, even though the Steelers kind of dominated the Ravens 126 total offense lol I gotta ask how Boldin and Housha made such an huge impact compared to last years..I mean, both dropped important passes and they got outplayted by rookies o.o
  7. TravisZajac

    90's music

    IMO' The Verve,Oasis,Radiohead,Blur,Pulp were pretty much the ones who saved the 90s(94+ after Cobain committed suicide and Grunge movement was dead..I'd rather call it Punk rock/Rock). It isn't the best decade for music(Rock) I'd say the 60s(Start of the Stones,Doors,Hendrix,Beatles etc etc..) with the 70s(Aersomith,The who,Led Zeppelin,Black Sabbath, it goes on and on) and even the 80s was a great decade(GNR,trash metal movement,heavy metal etc' fvck the Glam poseurs lmao) If anything,technology and MTV killed the rock genre to be in mainstream. I mean in the 70s, technology wasn't as advan
  8. This team's just in complete ruins. Too many injuries along with all the drama that came along Kovalchuck+Many changes on the line-up and new head coach...all in the same off-season...Kind of remind me of the 2005-2006 season when Lou had struggles with the salary cap, Niedermayer not coming back, new coaches changes..(Elias injury..)Except this time it's even more bad. I remember doing a thread months ago(Even before Kovy's signing) demanding if Lou should be fired/demoted..I don't know, but it might be a good time to choose a sucessor once Marty retires and we hit transition/rebuild mode(Or
  9. welcome to any coporation which you're doing the hardest job for basically nothing, while the bosses can fvcking moan and be jerk to your manager for any fvcking reason. They want you to act like robots.. I've been working for about 8months at Petro-Canada(Gas station in Canada)... anyone wouldn't believe so many few unimportant details they complain at my manager..it's pathetic. They'll find any excuse so they'll take away the bonuses from my manager to they can get even more money.
  10. eh It also makes me laugh to see some Devils fans saying that 9millions to Kovy's too much..when you think about it, Bobby Holik once had 9millions per year..of course, this is the very same GM that's throwing 6millions(? or 5?)to Redden and 1.6millions to Boogard. My guess to why Sather gave 1.6millions to sh!tgard is probably, he wanted some media action towards NY(Ego maniacc)
  11. you guys are all fooled by Lou's magic plan. He wants to sign Kovy to then Sather will go on a rampage trade half the team to get Kovy @ 10millions. Then Lou resigns Andrew Peters/Pandolfo and also Paul Kariya this=wins
  12. Well you know..Cegep(School before going into University)(27hours etc)+ working 20hours+ of job.. You got into Miami? To be honest with you, I wanted to be sincere with the Devils's future. Brodeur'll retire(It'll be a very sad day..) and Lou isn't getting any younger. He might be one of the best GMs of all time(Pollock beats him..even though Lou cites him as an influence.) The fact is, this isn't 2003 anymore. I wonder sometime if Lou is really to be blamed for the recent failures.. He had to face the loss of Daneyko,Stevens,Niedermayer and Rafalski. Lou helped the Devils staying on top, but
  13. I don't post too often on here..I've seen lots of people(Mainly Devils fans)'s opinions about a new change of culture within the Devils organization. It might have come to the top of the top. The four last playoffs exits has come to two things that's making this team unstable : 1- Not being able to get the right coach(Which makes a lot of different systems over the years, different mentalities from coach to coach...etc) 2- Not being able to fix that D. Teams win with a great D. Just look at the previous champions of the anterior years. Or even the last four teams remaining in the playoffs, the
  14. Yea.. I don't like watching games on a Thursday.. It just doesn't work it out for me lol Here's my resume of the game : The pros: Ben showed some poise.. 350+yards, I know I know..2 INTS.. But atleast he went on 2 WINNING drives(If it wasn't for Ward's fumble.) I liked the way the O played.. Except for the running game. Wallace was pretty good if you ask me for his first start.. The cons: O-line.. They're still issues with them and its a no surprise..They had one year to play together, and they're still having some mis-communication problems.(The sack of Kearse on Ben.. Man, Colon just let K
  15. I think the Steelers will be between 11-5/12-4. Heck.. This year's schedule's just so easy compared to the one of last year.. And they went 12-4.Plus.. I don't get how they'll get derailed.. Unless they get injuries, but so will many teams. The patriots going 13-3 ? I doubt it. There are still questions with Brady.. Fred Taylor is like.. 32-33 years old. He's not gonna be the second coming of Corey Dillon(Like he did when he came with the Patriots..) Trading Seymour away'll definately weakness their D.. It was either him or Vince Wilfork(Both were gonna be FA after this year..) I look @ their
  16. @ Insanity, I bet if one of those kids wouldn't listen Stevens while he's explaining some exercises on board.. He'd just have to show the video of him hitting up Lindros. That's what you'll get youngers,
  17. Schaub being paid the 2nd highest QB in the whole league's... Bleh. He's not even in the top-10 for the QBS in this league.. Anyway, its true the Texans'll prolly make the Playoffs, it all depends on their D (Their D-line's pretty good.. Williams-Okoye-Johnson-Smith ) They'll surpass the Jags and might as well surpass the Titans..(With the losess of Haynesworth,Odom , Laboy in the recent seasons..) and Collins being their QB I don't buy that.
  18. .... I think its better to rest intact your core of players and not overhauling your whole roster. Pens, Red Wings, signed their whole core. They've been both finalists for 2years in a row ... This guy's delusional, it doesn't make any sense. I mean, anyone here could pull off a better article than this guy. Is he a Ranger fan or what ?
  19. Here's some songs of Cinderella Cinderella-HeartBreak Station http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C3aZ3p1m1ow
  20. ,Damn I searched for a topic about music and I didn't find one, .. Anyway, the mod can close it I guess ;0
  21. Yeah , this thread is up for discussing music or interest into it.. Or just discovering other bands that you think are good ! I'd start saying this group named Cinderella's one of my favourites right now. They're Rock-Blues/Glam Metal(More Blues Rock.) I think they're awesome, especially Tom Keifer, .. Well, they're from the 80's, they came with the vague along all those Glam hair metal bands (Motley Crue, ect), but unlike most of these groups, they're really talented and they write some really inspiring songs. Up yours !
  22. "My coach told me it was okay to do it "...
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