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  1. I definately hope so. If Lemaire plays a passive style ala Julien , this team'll be step back for years. Its true that near the end of the last season, the Devils started to be more passive than they were, (Heck they were 1st and 2nd for quite some time..) Anyway, I hope Lemaire realize how this team'll be infused with youth and therefore, they should play an aggressive style.. I'm all for the trap once you lead 4-1 , 3-1 and there's like ,... 2-5 minutes left in the 3rd period.. or even in the Playoffs, lots of team uses it.
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    So I guess that Lemaire's the HC, Albelin the consultant, Tremblay the D coach(As RDS reported.. But you know, they're the last site that I'd trust,..) So.. Who's the Offensive coach ? How about, hiring out Haviland out of Chicago, let him be an assistant coach, and in the future he'll be our future Coach once Lemaire steps down Or Lou might say " Hey, I'm the O Assistant Head Coach , HAHA !"
  3. I'd rather give a real shot for Bergfors to play on the 2nd line, than having Gio at 5millions.. I like the path where Lou's headed. really. He hasn't overpaid any FA, and he's not completly finished yet. People tend to forget how Rolston signing last year would somehow, had an insight on how things would go this yeaar.
  4. I'd rather not pay Gionta 5millions for 5years. I'd love to see Lou sign either Beauchemin or Leopold.. But w/e. Atleast, I'm happy to know, finally the young kids will have a chance to make the club
  5. Yeah, there's no point trading out Gomez just to sign Gaborik or Havlat to an other huge contract. The upgrade's there(Players skills ect.) but.. Cap wise, it isn't the best. I like when Rangers fans says that Lou once fvcked up with the cap. Yes, but it was right after the new CBA. Lou adjusted to the new rules.. I mean, not even a summer ago, Glenn fvcked up again the Rangers by re-signing Redden and Roszy.
  6. I'd love to see Leopold in a Devil uniform. If Komisarek plays like he did 2years ago, it'd be great to sign him. (4years/4.5-5millions ?) Plus he'd be closer to NY. But hey, rumors said he wanted 6millions and.. His play dropped like a bomb since that Lucic fight. Martin-Oduya Leopold-White Corrente-Salvador That wouldn't be too bad
  7. Anyone's finding funny the fact that Gomez wanted so much more to play for the Rangers.. Then he gets traded to Montreal ? Well, all along Gomezie wanted to play with a team that was one of the "big stage" of Hockey.. You surely'll get that Gomez with Montreal. I can see him now calling Lou, beggin him to take him back. lol
  8. R.I.P Say hello to Kurt,Janis,Jim Morri,Jimmi Hendrix, Lennon,Presley,Cash ect.
  9. God, please say no to Carbonneau. His system last year in Montreal sucks, the D played a Pee-Wee team.. He lost the locker room to the players shortly before he got fired.. Plus, he played Dandeneault and Gorges on attack on the first two lines (WTF!?!?!) At this point, I'd rather have lemaire.
  10. On that first pic of Shanny, he really looks like Tom Keifer , lead singer of Cinderella(Music group.) just the face though, Shanny's gotta be one of the last priority right now.. I mean, sure, it'd be great to see him back but otherwise, he's replacable.
  11. Trade Pandolfo for Janssen in St.Louis !!! Just kidding.
  12. Meh, It was either Jokinen or Shanahan. I'd like for Lou to bring up Vrana/Berfgors. Cormier would be a reach(Better for him to stay either with Rimouski or just go to Lowell.) Lou should try to acquire a D to complete the DEVS'S D. IMO, Rolston signing wasn't a bad idea. I'm sure next year he'll produce.. But for now, Zubrus.. Meh. There's no room for him on the top-2 lines. 3.4millions for a guy that plays on the 3rd line.. Eh. Zajac btw should get.. 3.5-4millions per year I'd guess.
  13. What the fvck ? I was there ! ;O But really, the people who cheered up that Price's usual save were the morons of the molson-ex zone(The Drunken ones..) I was like.. Oh k ? You guys are stupid. Then they start singing: CARBO,CARBO!!.. Its like.. WTF ?! But I have to say, cheering for the Habs in a Playoff game's.. Magnificient. I never had an experience like that. Especially when the players got on the ice, and the goal of Kostistyn.. Amazing. @ Don's reply.. Your right. The media are now talking about a video of Price and "The Score" (A guy that goes through the locker rooms of the Pl
  15. Hasek and Roy dominated the 90s, and when Marty hit his prime, he dominated the 00s, so what ? I doubt Roy would have had the sucess he had in his career if he'd stayed with the Habs.. I mean, the same could be said to Marty if the Devils haven't had the sucess they had, even though, Marty'S the reason of the Devils sucess for the last 15years or so.
  16. You can say that for the 86s Canadiens, they had a bunch of rookies (Lemieux, Richer, Roy..) mixed up with veterans (Naslund, Gainey, Robinson ect..) they had a soso team. As for the 1993 team, the Canadiens had a bunch of 70+pts players,(Muller, Damphousse, ect) and.. Well, they had a good defense. But still, Roy was an important reason why they won the cup. But to say they were averages teams.. I'd say Roy was average during that 1992-1993 season. But he completly played out of his mind. (I think they had 11 over-times WINS , ) The 1993 team faced the Nordiques, Sabres, Islanders(Who upset
  17. Sutter becomes GM and he hires Carbonneau !! We always get ex Habs coachs.. Lemaire, Julien, Burns, (Or ex Habs players... Robinson.)
  18. They wouldn't have been able to resign him, so.. !
  19. OMG ! GAINEY'S MAD ! HE WANTS TOO MUCH POWER' LOOK @ THEIR STANDINGS ?!?!? THE HABS WERE DOING SO GOOD !!! That was what most Habs fans told about Lou when he fired Julien , anyway, it was long overdue.. When you play Mathieu Freakin Dandenault and Josh Gorges on your first two lines, Metropolit on the PP (5 on 3..) and your GM has a closer relationship to your players than you do, you won't do long.
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