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  1. Who's remaining ? Bobby Carpenter and ?!
  2. Yeah, but he'S 32-33 ish, and.. He hasn't played that great last season..
  3. The Ravens signed also Matt Birk © from the Vikings..(You know, the guy who scrapped up his snap during the Eagle playoff game ?!) The Steelers so far, lost Nate Washington.. Which , isn't a big loss IMO. Since the Ravens lost some starters, with an easy schedule on the horizon... I could see the Steelers winning again the division next year. It all depends if Sweed, Mendenhall can improve, and the draft..(DRAFT OFFENSIVE LINEMAN FOR GOD'S SAKE !!) and obv, the O-line right now, needs to improve(Kemeoto... Stapleton.. ect)
  4. Ehhh... Question for Manta.. What the fvck are the Ravens gonna do next year ?
  5. They have been a mess , ever since Lacroix demoted himself...
  6. I know, I made a grammar mistake, I meant to say.. I would had loved to have Saturday.. ;0
  7. I'd have love to see the Steelers get Saturday, then draft Mack and move either Saturday or Mack to the LG position. Anyway, for the Steelers.. They cut Simmons (RG) and Smith (FS) their priority's to get more depth for the G position(Cause they only got one in Darrell Stapleton..) and to re-sign McFadden so they can build their O-line through the Draft. Plus, they'll have to make new deals with Harrison ect... I'd be pretty happy if they can get either Antonio Smith or Chris Canty.. It'd make an amazing Depth for their 3-4 DEF(Aaron Smith, Brett Keisel, Canty/Smith..) rotation of 3.. @ the Re
  8. Edit: Double post. Edit: Steelers ares goodz.
  9. So.. I'M in my spring break, so.. What do you guys planning to do ? I'm actually going for 5days with some friends to a chalet..Planning to do tons of sports, (Hockey, ect) And what do you guys planning to do ?
  10. TravisZajac


    He plays for Bordeaux right ?
  11. Remember, Buffalo still have their 2nd round pick from 2006, Johan Enroth.. He could start some games with Lalime and split up games..
  12. Come on all, Do not base the maturity on your age.. Mb started it just for fun, .. Since MB and him are known for the "Fueled" war they got during the NFL season, (Giants vs Cowboys ect ? Or something like that.. I might be wrong.) I do not despise anyone on this board,.. I mean, once you learn from your errors, you won't do it again. I guess MB learned. You can be 16(Like I once did, I made a thread about some jerk ass ect, and I got called for it, then I said I'd quit these boards ect, only to return.) or 37, you can still learn. I mean, I could be an immature and say : " WOW YOU GUYS WAST
  13. lol @ Crasher's quote.. I remember that, during that 07 summer.. Fun times
  14. What's up with the hate on Sd ? Is he black or ?
  15. I stopped doing that, you a$$hole, I wuv you Crusher !
  16. I know... I guess I'm not 100% billingual, but.... I'M still good enough in English And there's still room for improving my language
  17. Sorry, I can't find the right word... Eh, what about, one of the leaders of an organized crimes that got arrested here in Montreal by the police, and both of the Kostys bros and Hamrlik had relations with him, Actually he was a drug dealer so..
  18. The fact is, it all started when Jean Perron(Ex-Coach) reported that some players of the Habs partied too much on the Radio.. Then some old nannies Michel Bergeron and Jacques Demers, told on "L'anti-Chambre" (A tv show about the Canadiens, and the NHL.) that there'd be a huge bomb on the Habs. That it'd change everything for ever in the Habs organisation.. Demers even had tears when he said how proud he's of being a part of the Canadian ect... The fact is, this got overblown. At first, here we thought it had with.. Price doing coke ect.. It seems that now both Kostityns and Harmlik got invol
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