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  1. I predicted to my friends if the Devils scored (2-2) there'd be a shootout..
  2. They'll prolly trade Tanguay or.. Kovalev. Gainey told Kovalev he'd pratice with the team.. Friday. Weird isn't it ? Now Perron's telling the media he has a strong source of the young kids partying too much (3-4) and he'd speak about it on " Tout le monde en parle" Really, Montreal has become a mess.. They win = Nothing of that would have been said.. (CAUSE THEY'RE WINNING) This happens especially in a city with one centered sport, but more so, one primary station that most of their "experts" consists of pretty much " Homered fans of the habs" and that station's RDS" Montreal media's a
  3. I kind of was a "BIG" Blink-182 fan before, but.. Not really now.. Now I'M kinda more into Gun N Roses, Aerosmith, Sum 41 (Their Darker album, "Chuck" ) AAR...
  4. Nah, I think he's doing the best for the team now, cause the team's derailed, they're really bad now, Schneider's an improvement over.. O'byrne or Bouillon, still its an overpayment, but if it works.. It'll work. Plus the media and the fans have been pushing G for a move.
  5. Yeah but, there's a very strong message throughout the book though..
  6. That's a nice part Super17. Brilliant.
  7. I'd have voted for you... If you wouldn't be a Cowboy fan
  8. Damn it, the line of winners of Rookie of the year's really... Bad.
  9. To see you in pain Btw, I'm sure I voted for you..
  10. My favourite part though, is when he tells to his little sister to go on ride on the carousel. She tells to Holden (The guy.) don't you wanna join me ? He tells her no. I really liked that part cause it was like he gave up childhood (He got picked on cause he was immature) and he's coming over to the adulthood,
  11. HMMM, I don't recall that, but I remember my friend, he was quite atonished by the fact I, TravisZajac elected as "Rookie of the year" award, So did I, Big deal, Anyway, I say, lets put this little tirade behind, and continue to live. I like SatansDevils and so do I like you Sammyk,.
  12. I just wanted to know if you guys read that book, (I'm sure you did, its quite popular down there in the U.S.A) I just wanted to say this has to be my most favourite book I ever read, . It had a lot of meaning throughout this book, and I just wonder if anyone had read this book, to discuss about it.
  13. Heck, now Therrien's gone (Pens's boulet.) they could make the playoffs... Therrien's system's ineptitude will be the reason why they'll prolly miss the playoffs.. Shero should have done this move 2-3months ago.
  14. Was that for the 2007 Rookie of the year that I won ? Oh man, people must have been high to vote for me lol
  15. Isn't his daughter in her last year of high school or something ? Brandon's in the NHL... What about the other one ?
  16. If the NFL Goes without salary cap, I wouldn't even dare to watch it anymore, teams like Boys, Pats ect, would spend so much money, I hope Goodell does a new convention with a salary cap, and to work on the rookies contracts. On a side note, I want the Steelers to Draft 3lineman (G/T/C or 2 G and T with one cb.) Re-sign McFadden, Wait for next year with Sweed and Mendenhall finally getting in , Timmons gets his starting spot cause Foote will prolly be gone for next year (In an article, he wants to play with the Lions..) and an improved O-line, with the very same Coaching staff.. Along with
  17. Yeah, people look @ Roethlisberger stats and says : Well, he isn't that good... " Well, they haven't taken a look @ the O-line of Pittsburgh lol, Give him a decent O-line and he's top 10 QB in this league no doubt.
  18. HELL fvckING YEAH !!! We're the Champs BABY !!!
  19. fvck ARIZONA, Go Pittsburgh ! Win one more for Rooney
  20. Here's the song about Leafs sucks: http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=YVXOlZIolFs&...feature=related And Sens sucks http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=-Hg_K8XNXU0&...feature=related Both awesome songs, (Oilers's too was awesome too though, )
  21. I wonder how the Devils will be that good if the Offense keeps forechecking like that, and therefore, creating chances and more chances to score with Marty coming back.. And if Lou pulls off some trades @ the deadline. And having a rested Marty coming in the playoffs... How many years we didn't have that ?
  22. Rangers are stuck with Redden for 5years/6millions, and Redden has been going on his downside of his career(I think he's 31.) Drury 7millions, Gomez 7.3millions, Redden 6millions, Rozs= 5millions (?) , Lundqvist = 5.75 millions (? not sure.) That's like, 30millions or so on 5 players. I wonder how they'll do to re-sign Zherdev, Staal, Dubinsky , (And more prospects that are coming in, ala.. Del Zotto and Sanguinetti.)
  23. Actually, Rooney interviewed Russ Grimm(Current O-line Cards Coach and our ex Steelers O-line coach.) he interviewed also Wisehunt(Ex O-Coordinator) and they also have our ex-ST coach(I think) Ken Spencer, ANd some ex-players. But Wisehunt won't be " Gruden x 2 " the Steelers have been using a complete different schemes ' (More Delta/4wrs Formation.) since he left, or even the whole offensive system. And.. Now the Cards'll get to play the best D in the NFL.. I wonder how they'll do. Ed Reed's the best for Ballhawking, but.. Polamalu's the complete package. Great vs the run, and he's bei
  24. They played music like any other organization would had done. Steelers cheered for McGahee, so.. And that hit wasn't helmet to helmet, it was 2players coming at full speed, one has his head up and the other down. Guess what happened ? Boom. They played music like any other organization would had done. Steelers cheered for McGahee, so.. And that hit wasn't helmet to helmet, it was 2players coming at full speed, one has his head up and the other down. Guess what happened ? Boom.
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