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  1. HERE WE GO STEEEEEEEELRSS !!! Btw, nice game Manta, see you next year
  2. If the Nets do stay in NJ and don't go to Brooklyn, I'll definately'll root for them , (Even if they lose )
  3. Its a shame Patrik Elias won't go to the All-Stars.. Screw those Habs fans
  4. Tsss, I stop doing that a long time ago my friend EDIT: From the perfomances of the Cowboys this year, you must have drink a hell of lot of beer Cra(u)sher
  5. Oh man.. The curse of the Clown is getting on the Panthers !! The Giants are just a bunch of chokers, their owner's the GM , their Qb chokes.. OH wait, its the Cowboys Kidding
  6. T.o= The Avery of the NFL, You can endure him max 3YEARS, .
  7. If you lose your bet, I'd suggest you to do just like Crusher did when Romo choked vs the Eagles, Meet some one called Jack Daniels and Drink !
  8. 9-7 team * The only 8-8 team are the Chargers, which the Steelers will play while the Titans got the 11-5 Ravens and the Titans were the #1 Seed, so much for that btw, Its how divisions works you know, you get a weaker division vs a tougher division, and like the Cards and Chargers did, they sneak in the playoffs, while team like Pats (11-5) misses the Playoffs, (So badd.....)
  9. Yeah, I mean, if the Cards wins, then they'll play the Steelers that'll win 66-10 vs Chargers and 3-0 vs Ravens, Steelers wins an other Superbowl, and they're the best in history, better than the COWBOYS ! I like that, Except Wisehunt and a bunch of Steelers ex-coachs are on the Cards lol
  10. Eagles are 6th seed, Cards are 4th seed..
  11. I still can't believe they traded all their farm (Bourret, Coburn ect) and draft picks for Pascal Dupuis, Tkachuck, Zitnik.. What the bloody hell lol.
  12. What the fvcking hell.. I don't wanna see Eagles @ Cardinals..
  13. I knew he should of been on the Steelers wagon, Oh wait, lol' Stay with the Panthers, LOL Picked off in the End zone.. Delhomme's pulling, a LOSMAN of himself !
  14. Holy fvck. Carolina can't be considered " EAST " , even if Arizona wins this game, they're going to play..... Meh I realize they have to chance to play @ home if they play the Eagles go PANTHERS !
  15. So much for the home field advantage in the Playoffs, The Titans gets to play the Ravens , which they're 11-5, while the Steelers gets to play the Chargers, 8-8. I say.. Steelers goes to win vs the Chargers, 17-10, and then, They'll try to win a 3rd time vs the Ravens.. (Its gonna be tought) ! Congrats Manta, always nice to see , arhem, the AfC North doing good, (Even if I hate the Ravens ) Btw, Panthers are doing bad, TD, then Fumble by Delhomme.. I hope Clown didn't bring his curse on the Panthers, on that Fumble, Jake looked like Losman
  16. I actually use the same pic that you can see of Big Ben way more larger, to put as a background,I like really much the grudge side, I didn't know how to do you know, borders on my sigs on GIMP, As for the text, I don't that GG texts, I'm searching for them atm, Edit:
  17. The only game I barely watch was Penn . St.. Sorry, but the other games were.. Boring. I think USC vs Florida would have been great.
  18. Thanks for the compliments ! I like your work too, that's why I asked As for the Falcon sig, I modified it for some one else, but his name was on the sig with colour, so I chose the one without color ;p I just did a Big Ben signature, And btw, I'm using Gimp
  19. Hey, DevsRickus, I've made some sigs and I wanna know if you like em, (I just want an opinion from some one else who makes GG sigs ) And here's some of Hockey: http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd357/C...BRIERE_SIGA.jpg Danny Briere http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd357/C...OVY_SIGA224.png Kovalev http://i531.photobucket.com/albums/dd357/C...ING_SIGA123.jpg (This one's too blurry)
  20. Sorry to hear about this.. I lost like my grand-pa(2006-2007) and my uncle the same very year, I hope you passes through that, GL .
  21. Eh, you were in the right channel, sorry lol
  22. 1- Fire him, yes, he's a good D-Coordinator, but he's no good as a HC(Ask Bills fans,) but you can't let him still be the DC... That'd be too weird. Sorry, but.. They have to fire him and let him go. There's no way you can still keep him as a DC.. 2-I wouldn't let him walk. Just keep him for an other year.. But hey, if Philips goes, who knows.. The new HC might bring himself his new coaching staff 3-The problem with the safeties for the Cowboys, is the fact they have 2hard-hitting safeties,(Hamlin and Williams.) Which both of em are.. Bad @ covering. They're like 2 Anthony Smiths(They're not
  23. I doubt Cowher comes out of retirement, the guy achieved everything in this league, I'd have thought that Mangini would have stayed, and he'd have brought Romeo Crenell as his DC oh well.. Shanahan... Man, the Broncos are gonna regret this, he's a GG coach, yet he's horrible as a GM. Why they didn't ask him to let his GM position and.. Still be the coach ? I say.. Either the Chargers/Jets/Chiefs gets him as the HC.
  24. Just trade Brodeur for BOuwmester and Horton, we don't need him, we got Weekes/Clemmensen !
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