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  1. Ice Hockey on the NES, NHL 94 on the SNES, and Fifa 99 on the PC were favs of mine. But all time: NHL 07(xbox 360), NHL 2k5(xbox) and Fight Night Round 3 (xbox 360)
  2. Mike sounds like a classy guy, but I'm sure the ducks have plenty of little kids that would be sad in the sens win. GO DUCKS GO! (BTW, the ducks have been my number 2 team for years, no bandwagon jumping here)
  3. So we'll ship a struggling team off to Winnipeg. Go Winnipeg Devils Go !!!
  4. Suglobov showed alot of promise with his puck moving skills, unfortionatly he sucked at everything else. For all the people who say "he'll do great in Russia" well thanks Captin Obvious. Its called being a small fish in a big pond. The worst leaf of the 2005-2006 season Aki Berg is doing great in the finish league, why can't the worst player on the leafs this year do the same? (although he hardly played in the NHL)
  5. Then they'd just loose the next game... get over it.
  6. Just show up bro. Its not like they'll be sold out. Unless NYR are in town.
  7. * All 3,000 seats priced from $10 to $32 are sold out. 10-32? Wow, to be a devils fan. I'd be at a game every week or more with those prices.
  8. hahaha, and the sens get their lead back !
  9. BRUTAL.... I swear, you could throw the leafs offence in there, and you'd have the series
  10. Looking forward to this one. Go Devs Go.
  11. lol, devils fans are so easy to get to.
  12. The Janitors/venders and such should stop bitching. You have no real skills, you're a disposible member of society. You don't deserve more then 10 dollars an hour.
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