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  1. Some Athletes stick around a little too long trying to convince themselves and the team they still have it, but in reality they don't, and their just log jamming the pipe line. Time to move on...........
  2. trade deadline cant get here soon enough..........
  3. Another wide open shot. This team is fvcking mind numbing
  4. 2 guys down low only 1 defender brilliant awareness
  5. Great D zone coverage as usual !
  6. Granted the game has changed so much over the years, The days of great Devils Defenses of the 90's and early 2000's have all disappeared. Seriously thinking we need to get back into that stingy defensive mode. Oh man, but I do miss those days. lol
  7. This team is just so inconsistent, I just dont get it.
  8. Hoping to keep OVI off the score sheet, lol
  9. Can we pressure the points tonight ! lol So we dont get DeAngelo'ed again
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