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  1. Lucky were only down by 1
  2. Pass Happy mode once again......... Ugh
  3. 10 shots on goal ! brilliant strategy
  4. I like the feistiness....
  5. The Kids got their wheels on tonight, woooooo
  6. Is Bratt out for precautionary measures ! lol
  7. I give him a lot of credit, specially with defense, lol
  8. Man this 4th line, getting it done
  9. Definitely need some D help. This D is pure trash.
  10. This Defense is just horrific ! Blah blah blah
  11. Monday February 24th NHL trade deadline 2020 Something to look forward too ! Well we got that going for us, lol
  12. Gump....... wooooooooooo
  13. My nephew and his team will be on the ice during intermission........ Go #81 Woooo Lets go Devs
  14. 2 steps forward, 3 steps back. or maybe 10 steps back, lol Maybe Gallant can fix this sh!t show, lol
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