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  1. This team needs a complete overhaul. Cept for a couple players. But First start at the fvcking top.
  2. lol, Height is going to be problem. But the kid should be eating 24/7
  3. Welp. that didnt last long, ugly fvcking goals wtf
  4. 9 million dollar man, lol we got duped on that deal
  5. Subban, a fvcking positional nightmare. God awful
  6. Cant keep losing those puck battles along the wall.
  7. Have know idea, why Foote didnt draw in for tonights game
  8. Zacha, nice hit. Use that damn big body
  9. All 5 goals right in the Low slot. Well a tip, and a break away. Ughhhhhhhhh
  10. 2nd intermission trivia ? Who is Chris Taylor...............
  11. That was a horrible line change. Pk lol
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