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  1. Yea, we really fired away in the 1st, give up the late goal, then all went down hill.
  2. Were getting out hustled and outmuscled, fvcking brutal
  3. Lindy needs a plan on shot suppression. Because teams are getting way too may pucks thru. Unlike us. WTF
  4. Refs need to wtf up, missing a boarding call, and the one on Nico was ridiculous.
  5. 13 shots on net isnt going cut it. Shoot the damn puck
  6. Lindy has to keep that Tatar line off against, against Bruins top line.
  7. Well I guess I was wrong about shutting down the top line, little early for that, ugh
  8. Got to get more pucks on net. Make this kid work.
  9. Good job neutralizing the top line. Keep it going....
  10. Mercer, looking like a Vet out there, damn.........
  11. Just stay discipline, nothing fvcking stupid. And we got this
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