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  1. I think Alfredson became "THE MAN" simply because he didn't have to be "THE MAN". They have a number of guys with leadership skills that can let Alfredson do his thing. In some series past Daniel would try to overplay at times. Try to put the team on his back and do things single-handedly - and that just doesn't work. He wouldn't take the body for not wanting to put himself out of position. He'd try to go in one-on-five. I think he's a better player when he's NOT the captain. Yes, he still has the C on his uniform, but the team has a half-dozen guys that do the captains role. Which wasn't the case a couple years ago.

    I really like the Sens players, system, staff. I love what Murray has done with this team. I just have a problem with fans who use their coffee break to walk all the way from building 3 to building one to razz the resident Devils fan about how much better the Senators are than the Devils. The unfounded arrogance is is unmatched in all of sports. They walk around like they've won the last 10 Cups. I don't think that kind of attitude deserves to be rewarded.

  2. Ottawa, San Jose, Detroit and even the Rangers played their fourth liners an average of around 8 or so minutes per game the last time each had a regulation game. Buffalo does more than that. Anaheim wasn't nearly as much as I thought though, they play their fourth line about as much as us (3-4 minutes per night). They do have the golden D pair to make up for it though :P

    Probably next year ! I see 3 lowell players making the move up to the big club. Growing pains. Tis all !

    Hey were from jersey we got your back !

    Go Dev's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. tampa bay's aggressive penalty kill means once the puck gets to rupp, these guys are swarming him. hard to get him out there if that's the case, though i would consider putting him out there on an offensive-zone faceoff

    Tampa was like 28th in the league on the PK. For some reason were not adjusting well, to the aggressive approach. Raffy and Oduya have to get that shot off towards the net. I was at the game the other night, It looked like they were passing way to much. Ugh drives me crazy


    Oh dear please don't let Pelley anywhere near this team in the playoffs.

    Clarkson 3 goals in 7 games, isnt to shabby. I would def consider it. Our D was getting seriously run over the past couple nights. Tampa is taking total advantage, kinda like Carolina last year.


    I'll take Clarkson and pass on Cam. It's really not worth it. Yeah, he has all the energy in the world, but I'm worried he'll get too caught up and take dumb penalties. He has a knack for getting TOO fired up...which generally leads to penalties. Last thing we need is to give St. Louis and Lecavalier more time on the PP. It'll kill us.

    I said I didn't want Clarkson in the lineup but might change my mind after last night's game. Well, I've changed my mind. I know guys like Triumph say "well, what kind of message will that send to the vets?" and such, but at this point, I really don't care about alienating a guy like Rasmussen or Rupp, because, no one out there is getting it done. Might as well inject a guy like Clarkson into the lineup -- it couldn't hurt at this point. It's really scary that our guys really aren't playing THAT bad, yet they really can't get much done outside of the five goals in Game 1.

    I'm so tired of talking about how Elias, Gomez, and even Gionta at this point need to get going. They're either going to get their heads out of their asses and play like the offensive threats they CAN be, or they're going to continue to flounder. I just don't know what to do with those guys anymore...

    Clarkson indeed ! But Vincent Lecavalier is skating all over the place just running guys, And not one of our Guys has done a thing. It could be time for Cam also.

  4. http://www.nypost.com/seven/04112007/sport...ark_everson.htm


    By MARK (N)Єverson


    April 11, 2007 -- FORWARDS: The Devils can't match Tampa Bay's top two, only can hope to contain Vincent Lecavalier and Martin St. Louis, and Brad Richards has been a massive headache each time they've faced him. Lecavalier won the Rocket Richard Trophy with 52 goals, St. Louis added 102 points, and even Richards' 70 points top leading Devil Patrick Elias' 69. John Madden remains the key to the Devils' checking, but Lecavalier gives him fits, and St. Louis finds a way to escape Jay Pandolfo. John Tortorella will have to decide whether to cover Scott Gomez and Elias, or the Devils' top forward this season, Zach Parise, their only 31-goal scorer. The Devils scored the fewest goals of any playoff team this season (216), and only one such team in the past five years has survived the first round.


    DEFENSEMEN: Brian Rafalski clearly became the Devils' best backliner, but did he show signs of fatigue down the stretch? Colin White and Brad Lukowich are usually reliable, but Paul Martin had a season to forget. The Devils are relying on two rookies, Johnny Oduya and Andy Greene, and Richard Matvichuk has played one game in a year. Tampa Bay's Dan Boyle is the best in this series, with a shot that creates mayhem, and Cory Sarich and Nolan Pratt are solid. Filip Kuba and Paul Ranger will have hands, both ways, in the verdicts.


    GOALIES: Martin Brodeur is "The Edge," but his record 48-win season was inflated because of shootouts. Brodeur was exploited wide last season, and if the Devils revert to that sort of coverage, it could happen again. Goaltending is a position of confidence, and Tortorella almost makes a point of pulling that rug from under his netminders. Still, Johan Holmqvist was 27-15-3 and Marc Denis 17-18-2, and the Devils have trouble with almost any goalie.


    SPECIAL TEAMS: Tampa Bay scored four more power-play goals than the Devils, but gave up 26 more. Power plays will be coveted; the Devils were the least-short team (271) in the NHL, Tampa Bay second-least (305). The Devils scored four shorthanders and allowed 11; Tampa Bay scored 14, yielded 11.


    COACHING: Tortorella can keep sending out Lecavalier and watch the Devils either keep Gomez & Co. on the bench or worry about matchups they don't like. That will wear out Rafalski. Lou Lamoriello coaches more with a stare than a chalkboard.


    PREDICTION: Lamoriello isn't going to get anything more from Elias and Gomez than Claude Julien did, and the Devils will match themselves to death.

    LIGHTNING in 6

  5. Add your opinions and etc.

    Clarkson, is big, pretty quick, good hands, looks like he's a keeper. And dang he's fearless. Great upside, and young.

  6. Demand for the Devils brand. I'm not just talking about the arena- I'm talking about the Devils. It's high time this team began to market itself to the State of New Jersey, and try to reach the mainstream. Now is a perfect time to do it since they're moving into the new arena.

    The Devils I think need to utilize all the local cable companies, and start doing some comercials. Kinda like flooding the market with that geico crap. Put some players on there show there faces, do some funny stuff. Instead of Martin trying to sell cars at Oasis Ford. That was an ugly commerical ! Just idea !

  7. Goal # 30 for Zach. Sure we thought he would be better than Sidney for at least one game last year but lets be honest, 30 goals in year 2 is amazing. This guy is a great talent and he deserves props for being what he is now and what he can become.
  8. I have to agree with this. After watching it a few times, i think that it was borderline late. I agree there are hundreds of hits more than 1 second after the player releases the puck and I think the only reason this has been talked so much about it A) its kaberle B) he plays for toronto C) his proximity to the boards which caused his injury. I dont think Cam was head hunting in all honesty. It appeared that Kaberle was sort of in a transition stride which caused him to lower his head. We cant fault cam for hitting him clean with his shoulder but making contact with kaberle's head if it was lowered. As a result I dont think it was dirty per se, maybe a bit late but not dirty.

    I also think at most it should have been a 1 game suspension. I think the nhl responded to the drury/neil incident (which they arguably blew, particularly if you go by the standards they applied to this incident) and used cam as an example. I would almost bet that if you didnt have the neil hit a week or two before this wouldnt even have been a suspension.

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