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  1. Tampa was like 28th in the league on the PK. For some reason were not adjusting well, to the aggressive approach. Raffy and Oduya have to get that shot off towards the net. I was at the game the other night, It looked like they were passing way to much. Ugh drives me crazy
  2. Yeah how come Lou didnt park Rupp out in front on the PP.
  3. Gunslinger27


    Clarkson 3 goals in 7 games, isnt to shabby. I would def consider it. Our D was getting seriously run over the past couple nights. Tampa is taking total advantage, kinda like Carolina last year.
  4. Gunslinger27


    Clarkson indeed ! But Vincent Lecavalier is skating all over the place just running guys, And not one of our Guys has done a thing. It could be time for Cam also.
  5. Clarkson, is big, pretty quick, good hands, looks like he's a keeper. And dang he's fearless. Great upside, and young.
  6. The Devils I think need to utilize all the local cable companies, and start doing some comercials. Kinda like flooding the market with that geico crap. Put some players on there show there faces, do some funny stuff. Instead of Martin trying to sell cars at Oasis Ford. That was an ugly commerical ! Just idea !
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