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  1. Bahl, can really skate for a big guy. Damn
  2. Good things happen when you use the body. Hmmm
  3. For Christ sakes, we desperately need snipers.
  4. Has Dano they fvcking scored, nothing good about that PK. Ugh
  5. Once again, nothing different on the powerplay. Same ol
  6. Gert, nice play behind the net. Credit
  7. LGD. Shoot the damn puck, stop all the fancy fvcking passing. Lets see some damn grit.
  8. Dont forget about those new sneakers. lol
  9. Patients................... Yea I'm buying it.
  10. No Leader, No Grit, Completely fvcking soft team
  11. Life Support ! Head up Arse.............
  12. Hey Dano, The Flyers playing aggressive smart hockey, thats fvcking why
  13. This team just cannot play 60 minutes of competent hockey.
  14. Please Sal and Dano, No more spin. This team is on fvckin life support. Zero fvcking leadership
  15. Ummmm, Oh that saying, Well apparently Rock bottom has a basement. Ouch
  16. lol once again, poor coverage.
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