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  1. 4 minutes ago, NJDevils1214 said:

    I'm not a coach or an expert by any means, but he literally has two plays that are better than trying to force the puck to the net. Space to make a riskier cross ice pass, or a go along the boards is the safer option...he chooses neither and just tries to throw it to the front of the net only to have it blocked with minimal effort.


    Not the highest Hockey IQ. Needs to hit the film room. lol

  2. Goal 1. Cover the points, 5 Devils collapsing down low (fvcking Brilliant). High slot wide the fvck open. Josi says thank you. 

    Goal 2. On the PK, could you stay in the box formation (Capt Nico) Chasin Granlund down low, below the face off Circle along the wall, being out of your position doesnt help. Sevs was there to cover, Low percentage shot. Nice quick pass to Tolvanen jump in your spot and fires a one timer from the face off circle. Score.... Ugh

    Again another game guys out of position, Cheeezz and Rice, lol WTF UP......... 



  3. Just now, MadDog2020 said:

    I turned it off for a reason. I’m not listening to that bullsh!t. Fans who know what they’re watching know better, and we know what’s really happening out on the ice. 

    Maddog, I'm tired of post sh!t show, shoulda coulda woulda, bullsh!t.

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