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  1. Beat me too it, that was fvcking horrible
  2. Good Start.* Keep it going....Give us 60 minutes
  3. Lets Go Devils ! Maintain zone integrity.
  4. fvcking zone integrity..... DZ stay in your fvcking zone.
  5. That first Scheifele goal, was brutal, I think Hughes was center on that shift. In the DZ Pionk is picked up by Subban zero threat of a scoring chance, Why is our center going to double team Pionk and leave the middle wide open. fvcking mind numbing. Gotta fvcking tightening up
  6. Maybe the current coaching staff, should take a closer look at some recent game film. And get a closer look. The jets game, 2 out of the first goals. Players way out of position. Complete DZ breakdowns. zero zone responsibility. Same mistakes constantly. Ugh
  7. i figured mccleod would have shadowed Vesalainen, Incase of a turnover, lol defensive responsibilities nah not important
  8. Goal # 3 really fvcking irked me, Jets a simple dump in, played by Bernier, Pass it to Sevs, had a hard time handling it great FC by Lowry on Sevs, and we turned over it behind the net. Vesalainen gets the pass from Stastny right out front. Mcleod just stayed along the wall, guessing we weren't going cough it up. Terrible mistakes. 2 out of the 3 first goal were preventable. fvcking joke
  9. Just rewatching our sh!tty positioning. Goal # 1 5v5 Devils on the Ice: Defense: Smith/Subban Wingers: Johnsson, Mercer, Hughes 3 Jets in the OZ Poink,Connor,Scheifele 5 Devils in DZ...... Pionk gains OZ left side outside the dots, Subban picks him up, Kyle Connor Right side outside the dots. Right side covered by Smith-low Mercer High Johnsson trailing the play, Hughes leaves Center slot and head towards Poink, Scheifele enters center slot wide open 0 coverage, gets pass from Poink, right between Hughes and Subban. Takes it too the house. Center slot wide open: That doesn't happen if the Center is in the right position.
  10. Need to take a long look at our Defensive positioning, Guys are constantly out of position in the D zone. Also can we get our forwards to pressure the points. Too many open shots are getting through, need to get more blocks up top, if a puck gets thru then all 5 players collapse down low, ughhhhhh. NZ play horrible, you think maybe we could slow the opposition some, instead of giving them a free pass right thru the blue line. lol etc etc.
  11. Night all, Have a great weekend ! 2 days to figure this sh!t show out........ lol
  12. Just saying if this the way the coaches are it drawing up game to game. Were in deep sh!t.
  13. Thanks Jags. Appreciate your input.... Just me maybe, but I thought Ruff was the wrong pick. To lead this young team.
  14. This is Ruff's 78 game at the helm of Devils. 28 wins. 50 lost. Just Brilliant..... Fitzyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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