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  1. fvcking brutal, pinned back in their own end. Business as usual
  2. I mentioned it last night 28 wins in 77 Games. You got to wonder when does Fitzy pull the trigger. I means this team constantly makes the same mistakes.
  3. Not giving up on the players, But this coaching staff is starting to wear me down some. Constantly same mistakes game after game.
  4. I just want to know, how long Fitz is going to watch this sh!t show of coaching staff.
  5. Are the players that bad, I mean these guys are constantly out of position
  6. Shortening the leash Fitzy...... Come on
  7. Constantly giving up close to 40 shot a game. what a fvckin joke
  8. 28 wins in 76 games, just not going to cut it. Shortening up the fvcking leash Fitz
  9. Yeah, Its getting there, I'm not sure this is the right coaching staff for a such a young team.
  10. Team completely undisciplined. Great fvcking job
  11. My son, gave me some stats on Lindy as the devils HC. 28 wins in 76 games, As our Head coach, lol
  12. Getting old guys, but I miss the days when our defense was feared. Ughhhhhhhhhhh
  13. Just seems Lindy's system, very passive. Free passes thru the NZ. Could we throw some big hits please. slow these fvckers down
  14. Zacha, had a chance to really put 97 into the boards. But nahhhhhhhh,
  15. Lately night in night out, This defensive just playing so fvcking soft. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhh
  16. That 1st goal, my god why didnt graves bury that fooker. Couple nice shoves. fvcking weak man
  17. fvcking passes, shoot the damn puck
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