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  1. NJDevsRock

    The Marty Night thread

    I had this situation with my husband. We went to guest services, and they relocated him to the handicapped section closest to our seats. He was the only one allowed to sit there, the rest of us sat in our paid seats. It wasn't a hassle otherwise. Of course, it was a regular game, nothing like this. Good luck and I hope you recover quickly.
  2. Well, it was funny to see his face when I said really..the best? You are going to pass him over Roy too?? And he started to blubber a bit and then went on with his claims.
  3. I went to the cell phone store, and I was there over an hour. My husband couldn't understand what was taking so long until I got home and told him that once I gave our email address (very Devils), I was treated to a 15 minute lecture about how the king is as good as Marty now, and that if they win the cup this year he will be the best of all time. It's pointless to argue with that kind of stupidity, so I just stood there and stared at him with that kill me now look on my face. He even came around the counter and showed me his Ranger tattoo. Seriously...who gives a sh!t!
  4. NJDevsRock

    Kovalchuk jersey

    This thread reminded me that I had bought my 7 year old a Kovy jersey last year. They only had Marty and Kovy and I figured eh, get the Kovy and buy it really big, she can wear it 3 or 4 years...not the best plan in hindsight. Marty will be a classic like Stevens and now I'm stuck with a $80 item that I will not let her wear.
  5. NJDevsRock

    Shopping at amazon ?

    Thanks DM, I appreciate that.
  6. NJDevsRock

    Shopping at amazon ?

    I hope gift cards count.
  7. NJDevsRock

    Shopping at amazon ?

    Had my Mom use the link to buy her kindle tonight...I bookmarked the link on her computer...she is an amazon fiend, hope it helps out!
  8. NJDevsRock

    Twitter anyone?

    @sharonclune Started adding people today, tho I post on there about as often as I post on here
  9. NJDevsRock

    Petition to rid the board of this:

    Thank you for bringing the subject up. I didn't know you could turn them off either, so much better now! I guess it's just me but a grown man sticking his tongue out just isn't funny, not the first time and certainly not for the (insert number here)time. The other one was just creepy! Now we can all be happy.
  10. NJDevsRock

    What got you into hockey?

    I had hurt my back and couldn't sleep for anything and happened upon the triple overtime game against Dallas and I was hooked. Amazingly I had gone to a lot of games around '85-87 as my then boyfriend got free tickets all the time. Neither one of us knew what the hell was going on, but it was something to do, so off we went. I remember sometimes being the only people in the whole section, and I don't think we ever went to a winning game. I wish I had all those free tickets now! Watching the games on TV, and this board helped me learn a lot about the game, which made all the difference. I took my daughter to her first game yesterday and she is hooked. She is still walking around the house chanting kill...I hope by Tuesday she gets over it, before I have to explain to her kindergarten teacher that it's a hockey thing!
  11. NJDevsRock

    What you get/give Devils or hockey related!

    My brother the Ranger fan came thru with 4 front row tickets for Saturday. Going to take my daughter to her first game so off to Modells later to get her a jersey! See, all Ranger fans are not tools...
  12. NJDevsRock

    Official License plates for NJ Devils!

    It's an additional charge on top of your registration fee, unless it's totally different from the cancer plates, which I have. I forget what extra fee I pay, it's either $10 or $15...no way I would consider paying $60 a year.
  13. NJDevsRock

    Site funds.

    Sent a donation...thanks Brad for all the hard work over the years, and thanks to the other Admins as well!
  14. NJDevsRock

    Separated at Birth?

    You're not alone in that one. At least Sloth kinda smiled.
  15. NJDevsRock


    Thank you Quinn, I did look on ebay and found two places offering parking/shuttle service for $20. I figured it's a hassle there and I don't feel like taking the train since I would have too many connections or have to drive most of the way and then hit the train.

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