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  1. I don't need to be annoyed thank you, Scott! More breaking news for my wonderful team ... Brett Hull & Les Jackson names co-interim GMs http://stars.beloblog.com/archives/2007/11...erim_cogms.html Yes, I know co-GMs are gay ...
  2. Well I'm a girl and I am the one that saw her ... and yes she is a hottie, but did you really expect she wouldn't be? Since she's a hockey wife and all.
  3. That's okay, screw the taco I'll take the SHUT OUT instead any day *L*
  4. oh yeah we are getting one, we are suppose to see it before the end of the summer (they better hurry up) Judging from the Stars site and the season tix stuff I am willing to bet they have red in them
  5. Yeah the women's jerseys are just plain bad! Does the jersey have to be an authentic because maybe a youth size would work better for ya? And I am the one getting the Marshy jersey, I am attempting to collect the entire New Jersey Stars set *LOL*
  6. The only reason I think of that Joey would play for the Leafs is Gary Roberts, but I dunno just doesn't seem like much to me. Esp. since his off season home is in NY not Canada.
  7. Only if you wear the micro mini and the thigh boots with it *LOL*
  8. Maybe you should get a jersey with MADDEN HOOCHIE on the back *LOL*
  9. oh lord you have gone off the deep end there Paige.
  10. The sad thing is I can't be very mean to our Ice Girls really, after meeting them at various Stars functions, mst of them are really nice and even know their hockey.
  11. Well our ice hoes, I mean ice girls wear them if that is any indication. They are made out of this shiny '70s soccer jersey material it is yucky. Oh yeah and they are cut to fit a 12 yr old *LOL* Just buy a regular Madden you'll be better off
  12. Girl I could have told ya not to order anything from that hell hole. I think my Nieuwy jersey I ordered 5 yrs ago is still on backorder with them.
  13. Paige, please tell me you aren't really going to buy one of those $90 hoochie jerseys! They are so gross, they are shinny on the outside and have this strange soft material on the inside. I'll stick with my new Marshall jersey thank you very much
  14. I agree, he must be really hurt. I can't see him not playing if there is anyway possible for him to do it.
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