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  1. Hmm, that would look great in my basement. Wish I had the extra coin right now
  2. Should be a good one tonight, Madden's back, it's the Flyers and even though they suck they always show up against us. Plus we just got a new grill and are breaking it in the parking lot tonight!
  3. Go check out the seating chart for the Sabres.... Boy the Devils could learn a thing or two from them. They break up the games into Gold, Silver, Bronze and Value for pricing, but the season ticket costs less than even the value games. And the rinkside seats are only offered in season ticket plans and are 65 a pop. No wonder they sell out all the games, those are great prices.
  4. Mr.Krinkle


    I think they're just not in shape. You don't get these kinds of injuries this time of year if you are in good condition. Doesn't help matters much that they've been playing a lot of games lately with a short bench and a lot of guys are stepping up into roles they're not accustomed to and possibly aren't in the shape to play. I really hope they can shake this before the playoffs or it will be a very short run for us this year.
  5. Why send Greene down for Matvichuk? Greene's played a few games this season and has looked pretty good so far, he's young and his back is in fine working order. Matvichuk is a relic, hasn't played once all season, and his back is a wreck. A aging 6th blueliner is not really going to do much to improve a team.
  6. Am I the only one who found this home and home a little odd? Aren't home and home series' usually on consecutive days? This time its Home-PIT Away-CAR on consecutive days, a day off and then Home-CAR. Anyways we better sweep Carolina, not only do we need the points but it'd be great help in keeping them out of the playoffs!
  7. Shanny. I gotta know what he was smoking when he decided to turn down the Wings and jump ship to the Rangers Seriously though, Dano. I met him a few years ago, he's a real down to Earth guy and was the heart and soul of this team for many years.
  8. So far I'm liking what I'm seeing from Pelley, he's gritty and he has some decent puck handling skills, he may be able to provide a much needed spark to this team. Where he won't be able to help though is in the injury department, we've lost someone else every game now in what seems like the last 5 - Gionta, Luk, Madden, Elias, Greene...did I miss anyone?? WTF is going on here?!?!
  9. Should be a good game just like most of the games against the Pens have been this year. They looked good last night against the Sabres in a tightly contested, fast paced game. The energy level was through the roof as well, there was almost a playoff atmosphere and rightly so with with Pens just announcing they are staying put; everyone was pumped. This ought to play to the Devils advantage; we've had time off and we're home, they had a long, hard fought game last night and had to travel as long as we set the tone from the start and slow them down a bit. LET'S GO DEVILS
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