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  1. Good game tonight Devils, despite an easy opponent. Congrats.
  2. Meh. Not really. The Sens got a lot of "chances" early, but it was still a case of them standing still without the puck and playing dispassionate hockey. Those "chances" were simply decent shots, not real threats at scoring opportunities. They "dominated" because the Devils were sitting back and playing still effective defense. There was no real offensive threat until after the shorthanded goal and then the Devils responded in kind. Once Jersey was only up one, they got offensively aggressive again and brought back the two goal lead eventually. Dominated never happened as I saw it.
  3. Don't get me wrong. I love Ken Daneyko. Absolutely respect the way the man played the game in every way. Give me a team of Daneykos over a team of Crosbys any day. But the man needs to lay off the meth before he gets on camera.
  4. That sequence shows a big difference between the two teams tonight. There are still Sens players *cough* Heatley *cough* that don't find it necessary to move their feet when they don't have the puck. On that goal, the Devils were moving, creating confusion, getting in a position to be effective. In short, playing hockey. And it didn't take long to score a PPG. How novel.
  5. Not to be offensive, but does Marty have his double chin back?
  6. The Devils have played aggressively all game long. The Sens have finally shown a pulse since that shorty. What looked like a depressing (for me) clunker of an easy Devils win might now actually turn out to be a hockey game. Should be good regardless the result from here on out.
  7. That's a big if, my friend. I saw Chase is saying he will be ready in training camp. Am I the only one troubled by this? He needs to be fully healed, not rushing himself back to the lineup. He's a long term asset. Do FCC fines count against the payroll? Anyone?
  8. I don't think it can ever be said the guy didn't posses a strong sense of jocularity or a decent sense of humor over all or about himself. Credit is due where it is due.
  9. He hasn't been here yet. Unless you're a Mormon. Or just not send him a card... Awesome. Jesus was brown skinned, btw. For those who celbrate Christmas... Ramadan has passed. The concurrent Muslim holiday is Eid. You should be hit upside the head with the pole, blasphemer! Is that supposed to be some kind of insult? Yes because we all know the First Amendment is a "libural mith" NAMBLA is a bunch of sick fvcks. But their mission statement is to change US law. Which is allowed. The ACLU has NEVER defended a child fvcker in court. EVER! I missed that one. Wanna help me out with a link of an "attack" on him by the State of Ohio? Id be interested in any NGO's hypocrisy. Second door on the left.
  10. Considering the director's first movie included a song titled "Spring Time For Hitler" I think Blazing Saddles was rather tame by comparison. First paragraph: There is an intentional irony involved in the use of the word "nigga" (rarely is "nigger" used) by blacks in the US. They are capturing the word for themselves and eliminating the inherent racism in the word. Third: The crime problem in poor areas goes well beyond "black" slums. It is a story as old as time that those with lesser means to a steady life will resort more easily to activities that fly in the face of ordered, "civilized" societal norms as those who have something to lose by transgressing. Did you know that the etymology of the word "cracker" involves a slave owner and the "crack" of a whip? Recent information for me. I still have never found racist words directed at me (admittedly rare) offensive because there hasn't been some threat behind them. I personally find that to be the test. Words are words, but words that threaten are something else entirely. "Nigger" always has had an historical threat of violence or intimidation behind it. So I can't blame people for seeing it as inherently wrong while scoffing at "honky" and "cracker" as milquetoast terms. But I can't blame people for being just as upset by them. The standard above is my personal guide to whether I find offense or not, I do not expect others to adopt it. I've been told I was "in the wrong neighborhood" before and didn't give two flying fvcks about it. But those situations were more offensive (but not very high on the total scale) than hearing Dolomite use "white honky motherfvcker" or hear the word "Mick" "Pollock" or "Kraut". The difference? There was something tangible that compelled me to care. There is an extreme inoversensitivity that has pervaded the culture over all. But I don't think it is quite the crisis that some people like to make it out to be. Edit: Excuse the blunder.
  11. http://bushbash.flashgressive.de/ Much easier version. Since the shoe thread is gone, I found the whole thing pretty funny. In fact, the way Dubya handled it gained him a good deal of personal respect (though political respect will never come) from me. He came up smiling when the first one was thrown and said later, "So what if he threw a shoe at me?" That's pretty cool, to be honest.
  12. What's the difference between dentists and sadists? Newer magazines.
  13. -Dentists! Who needs 'em? -Yeah. Not to mention the blacks and the Jews.
  14. I am of the opinion that the Sens can be fixed this year. Though I am in the minority I think.
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