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  1. Just found out my kid is going to participate in Mites on Ice next month!

    1. aylbert


      Nice! That should be a blast!

    2. Colorado Rockies 1976
  2. Martin Brodeur on cover of Nov. 19 Hockey News

  3. I hate these days off. When's the next game?

  4. Is Rush Hour traffic on Broad St going south toward Market St. better than on Rt. 21?

  5. Is he Rush Hour traffic on Broad St going south toward Market St. better than on Rt. 21?

  6. Is Rush Hour traffic on Broad St going souh toward Market St. better than on Rt. 21?

  7. RIP MCA

    1. NJCroMag


      Jesus, man...just heard.

      [moment of silence]

    2. thefiestygoat


      Crushed when I found out. RIP MCA

  8. That 49ers-Giants game was old school

    1. DevilMinder


      Sure was. I could barely talk to anyone I didn't want to miss a thing!

  9. Enjoying MTV30 weekend on VH1 Classic

  10. Who woulda thunk that we'd have three Brian Rafalski threads going at once, LOL

  11. Who woulda thunk we'd have 3 Raflski threads going today?

  12. Will there be anything going on in Championship Plaza on Fan Appreciation Day? Live music? Kids street hockey?

    1. 95Crash


      Per TG: Starting at noon at Championship Plaza, Devils Fan Fest will feature entertainment by Shorty Long and the Jersey Horns as well as food, games and activities.

  13. Dont know why I can't watch games on http://atdhe.me/. I downloaded the player, and still, nothing.

    1. moj8681


      The government shut them down a couple weeks back.

    2. NJDevils1214


      That was Atdhe.net that got seized by the govt.

  14. Winter Classic moved to 8 pm

  15. Had a blast! Thanks njdevsfn95!

  16. Anyone have a cheap single ticket to today's game?

    1. njdevsfn95


      I can send you one. Sorry I'm late but my internet went haywire.

    2. 95Crash



      How much?

  17. PBS, 9 pm, American Experience, We Shall Remain Pt. 1 of 5, outstanding documentary on Native Americans

  18. Cablevision, Fox ...

  19. Devils win. Now South Park.

  20. Colin, how much $$?

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