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  1. 1 hour ago, DJ Eco said:

    What a turnout by our fans, amazing setup by the team, they really transformed the plaza, had so much fun.

    Just leaving a White Castle in Jersey City, baked out of my mind, that’s how you know tonight was amazing and life as a Devils fan moving forward is going to be great, pivotal evening for the franchise.

    Also, the new park in front of the Rock is AMAZING, they did an incredible job, so well designed.


    26 minutes ago, Satans Hockey said:


    100% agree! Me and my son had a great time out in Championship Plaza tonight. So much fun. 

    Go Devils

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  2. What a fun day to be able to watch the tournament. Nico and Severson with big goals, Schneider with a bunch of great saves, Hughes with a couple of assists and good minutes late in the game, and the Queen with the OT loss. Yes, a good day indeed!

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  3. It's really a sight to see as soon as the network switches over to the game in Wiinnipeg. Not only is everyone dressed in white -- we all knew that already -- but ALL the fans are in their seats sitting patiently. Not a one is walking down the aisle with food in their hands or just plain late arriving. To a man, they are ALL there to see the game.

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  4. Just before they went off the air just now, did Salvador say the refs apologized to the Devs for the double minor they called on Wood?


    EDIT: nvm, i see someone already covered it

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