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  1. Yes, please post a link if you have it! It would be good to have those quotes handy for any future Brodeur/Lundqvist arguments -- along with some GIFs of Lundqvist's dives, including his outrageous flop in this year's Finals.
  2. 95Crash


    Hope you enjoy your retirement. Gotta figure you earned it!
  3. 95Crash


    Picked up a four-pack of Devil Dancer yesterday. I don't usually spend $20 for a four-pack of anything, but I figure since Sunday is Father's Day, I can consider it a present to myself.
  4. I don't believe for a second that there are more Rangers fans than Devils fans in North Jersey any more. Sure, there are still a whole lot of NYR fans in the area, but there also are scores of Devils fans too. I see NJD shirts, hats, bumper stickers every day. The biggest problem for the Devs is that the majority of media outlets being fed to North Jersey is coming from New York. And they are all talking about the Rangers right now. So these Jersey stores promoting the Rags most likely are reacting to the N.Y. media hype. +1 I'm wearing something Devils-related now, too, everywhere I go, at least till the Finals are over.
  5. Rangers fans from N.J. - They may live in New Jersey, but they always wish they live in New York.
  6. SCF 2014 Schedule Game 1 at L.A. - Wednesday, June 4 (8 pm) Game 2 at L.A. - Saturday, June 7 (7pm) Game 3 at N.Y. - Monday, June 9 (8 pm) Game 4 at N.Y. - Wednesday, June 11 (8 pm) Game 5 at L.A. - Friday, June 13 (8 pm) Game 6 at N.Y. - Monday, June 16 (8 pm) Game 7 at L.A. - Wednesday, June 18 (8 pm)
  7. What about Muzzin, and Carter and Williams!
  8. Great series. Too bad somebody had to lose.
  9. Jim Cornelison can really belt out the National Anthem.
  10. This guy who's a father of one of the kids on my son's Little League baseball team, who for weeks has been talking on and on about either the Yankees or the NBA playoffs, all of a sudden showed up at the game today today wearing a Rangers T-shirt and talking about how exciting it is that they are going to the finals I was sitting there thinking to myself, Dude, you're from New Jersey! Just because the Rangers play in New York and everyone's talking about them doesn't mean you have to now start rooting for them too! F'ing dick!
  11. Agreed, the 2014 Western Conference Finals has turned out to be a classic, hockey at its best! I hate to say it, though, as great a game as the teams from Chi-Town and the City of Angels have been playing, things could not be breaking any better for the one from the Big Apple. True, while either the Blackhawks or Kings will be favored going into the finals, one cannot discount the Rangers, who play a fast-paced game and roll four lines.
  12. I agree with the sentiment, publicly, such as in public and social media situations, but be damn well sure that on this website we are free to let it all hang out, LOL.
  13. Tokarski has been doing all he can to keep the Habs in it.
  14. It wasn't just Francesa, Boomer, Benigno and WFAN today. Even ESPN Radio New York was talking Rangers hockey a lot this afternoon. The afternoon host had on Linda Cohn from ESPN as a guest. She's a HUGE, ANNOYING Rangers fan. And the host (I wish I could remember his name) even pulled out the old argument that Devils and Islanders fans should be happy the Rangers are doing well because it brings hockey up to the forefront of local sports talk.
  15. Glad the right guys won, but, man, what a sloppy game that was. Maybe that's the Habs' best shot of getting this series to a Game 7. Geaux Habs Geaux!
  16. I saw your post about Quick, Hamden and the Cup and decided to Google it to see what the fuss was about. Now I have a better understanding of your disdain for the guy. (Town celebrates Quick's success) http://www.nhregister.com/general-news/20120612/nhl-hamden-celebrates-stanley-cup-win-by-jonathan-quick-video (Quick snubs town) http://articles.courant.com/2012-08-11/sports/hc-jon-quick-stanley-cup-0811-20120810_1_jonathan-quick-party-nice-time I guess the least he could've done was invite his old coach to the party, yes?
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