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  1. Do the Kings have a goal song? Each time they score, I don't hear much music.
  2. I didn't realize their show was live today. For some reason, CBS Sports Network is showing Best of Boomer & Carton, instead of their live simulcast. Oh, no, here we go again. What did he say this time, and where did you hear him say it? EDIT: I finally turned on the radio to catch the tail end of Boomer & Carton's show. Something tells me I'm glad I missed it. ... Did they just hold what basically amounted to a live rally for the New York Rangers at D'Jais Bar & Grill at the Jersey Shore -- complete with N.J.'s governor and all? ... That's just swell.
  3. Well how about THAT! Go Habs Go!
  4. Hard to believe the game is tied right now. The Canadiens are very fortunate.
  5. Were the Rags fans trying to copy Chicago's tradition of cheering during the National Anthem? It sure looked/sounded like it.
  6. During the Devils Stanley Cup runs, I always noticed the occasional Rangers fan or two walking around town wearing their NYR hats or T-shirts, and in a way, I secretly admired their tenacity. So lately my boy (he's 5) and I have been wearing our Devils gear -- mostly T's, sometimes a hat -- a little bit more often than usual. It's sort of a subtle message to all the Rags fans in the area, letting them know: Hey, remember, we are here. Sure, you (Rags fans) are showing your numbers now, all proud because your team is doing well, but don't get any false allusions. We (Devils fans) are still here, we are always going to be here, and you are always going to be reminded that you don't own these (N.J.) towns anymore. Enjoy your little run now, but keep in mind that it isn't 1981. It is 2014, and this is Devils country, and it always will be Devils country.
  7. Did anyone else catch the Canadiens' pregame on-ice production yesterday? I thought it was pretty cool. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mez2I6JLGz4
  8. Yes, hopefully today they shot their load for the series.
  9. Yep, we've been through that a few times.
  10. QFT. Absotlutely hits close to home. That's why I'm pulling for the Ducks.
  11. Wow, thanks for the link. It really sorted them out! *** The whole entire area is being infested with Rangers fans. It's getting to be insufferable. Gotta spray!
  12. This guy is lucky Bruins fans didn't kick the crap out of him last night: Reminds me of when Rangers fans ran rampant in Newark during the 2008 playoffs. The Rock had become a zoo. ... Also reminds me of how bad Canadiens fans can be when they visit the Rock. That being said, Go Habs Go!
  13. That bar looks pretty nice, especially for an ice rink. I might have to check it out sometime. Luckily, the Ice Vault is only a 20-minute ride for me.
  14. I'll be avoiding Dick's and Modell's like the plague the next couple of weeks. You just know they're stocking up on extra Rangers gear as we speak.
  15. Ugh, all over North Jersey, Rangers fans coming out of the woodwork like termites.
  16. Funny bounce off the boards on that game winner.
  17. I know some guy who lives out in the San Jose area. He's a skating instructor. He's always mentioning how he catches the games at the rink bar after classes or after he goes for a skate. I was thinking, wow, that's a great idea -- I wish I could do that! LOL.
  18. I wish I could go for a skate and then watch some playoff action. Does anyone know of any ice skating rinks that have a bar?
  19. I'm surprised, too, at the timing of that article. The Wild look pretty good to me, and they are headed in the right direction.
  20. Crosby slew foots Girardi: Lundqvist squirts water on Crosby: https://vine.co/v/MgIKZTLpHWz
  21. I agree with all of that wholeheartedly! I'm just wary of counting the chickens before they hatch. With their backs to the wall, if they can somehow muster up a win in Pittsburgh, all of a sudden there will be a glimmer of hope for them heading back to MSG.
  22. I'm enjoying the Rags struggles too, but I hope we're not throwing dirt on their season one loss too soon. We've all seen teams come back from a 3-1 deficit before.
  23. Re: Southside Johnny ... point taken, LOL. No offense to their fans, but as a proud New Jerseyan, I gotta agree with you that it was a little embarrassing that the best the NHL could come up with to represent Jersey on a national stage was a band that hasn't been relevant since the late '70s... In fairness to the Jukes, though, I thought they got the crowd moving that day much moreso than the Jersey Boys, at least that's the way it looked on TV. As for Christie, I sure as sh!t never meant to imply that his being a Rangers fan would affect my vote one way or another. That wasn't my point. Not in the slightest. I think it's great that he is a genuine sports fan and respects the Devils. But that being said, if he's really that knowledgeable about the franchise, he's gotta know how hard it has been for them to carve out a niche in this area, especially with their arena being a stone's throw away from Manhattan. It's been hard enough as it is trying to overcome all of these N.J. Rangers fan families passing the NYR torch from one generation to the next -- even after 30 years. If the guv really understood what the Devs and their fans have to put up with on a daily basis and if he cared about them at all, the least he could do is tone it down a notch with his public paeans to the Blueshirts.
  24. Right, the ONLY reason they were even invited to perform in between periods was because it was supposed to be a New Jersey Devils home game and they are a Jersey band! I can guarantee that had that been a Rangers home game, Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes wouldn't have even been a blip on anyone's radar when it came time to pick musical acts.
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