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  1. GDT-Caps @ Devils-7PM

    i realize this may be the wrong forum for this, but does anyone want 2 tickets for tonight, cheap? lower level non club. thanks
  2. Bitter Rangers Fan Is Bitter

    The best thing about the eulogy is that it was written AFTER the rangers eulogy. 'Nuff said.
  3. Game 5 tickets

    tickets sold. thanks
  4. Game 5 tickets

    I'm selling 2 seats for game 5, section 214, row 9. I am willing to sell them to a member of NJDevs for face value (my cost). Total is $280 per seat. I'm about to leave for the game tonight so I might not see posts until later. PM me if interested.
  5. Game 1 finals tickets

    tickets are sold. thanks for looking
  6. TICKETS!!!

    I'm offering 2 tickets for game 1 in the marketplace section 123 row 10. Seats are on the aisle. Just asking face value, $560 for the pair. PM me. Thanks
  7. Game 1 finals tickets

    Hi - I have a pair of tickets for game 1, section 123, row 10 seats 1-2 (on the aisle). I'm willing to sell them to a fan on the board for face value, I paid $560 for them inclusive of fees. Reply on the board with your email or PM me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. thanks
  8. deleted

  9. Leaked Jets Logo

    I think the new Jets logo is very sharp. But one thing struck me as odd - the plane they use is a C/F-18 Hornet, and while it is used by the RCAF, the entire plane is made by Boeing and assembled in St. Louis. Perhaps Canadian aerospace firm Bombardier didn't have any compelling airplane images.
  10. If Jay Z rapped about the rangers

    OK - this is hilarious, regardless of your team loyalty. http://www.downgoesbrown.com/2011/06/ranger-state-of-mind-where-will-brad.html
  11. Help Jake

    Donated. Can someone send this to the fan representatives? Maybe there are some players that would be interested to learn of this.
  12. 2011-2012 pricing?

    17 pricing levels? Really? 17??
  13. Kerry Fraser's thoughts on the trapezoid

    thanks, PK. I get frustrated at the league with their desire to punish excellent play and skill. In this case, skill is being negated by a rule change. This is not something that has occurred simply recently with the trapezoid. For instance, a minor penalty used to run the full two minutes back in the 50's regardless of PP goals scored, but the Canadiens were so prolific on the PP that the other teams in the league couldn't compete. They changed the rule to what it is today, effectively punishing Montreal for having a skilled PP. Can you imagine the NBA eliminating the 3 point line if a particular team was so good at sinking 3's?? What really irks me is that the trapezoid rule was pushed hard by teams like the Flyers (just google Bobby Clarke trapezoid) and others that didn't have a player with such skill. And this was tolerated by the other league GMs.
  14. Kerry Fraser's thoughts on the trapezoid

    He answered my question - pretty well, at that: http://tsn.ca/blogs/kerry_fraser/?id=367201
  15. Verizon / Cablevision MSG HD FCC fight continues...

    Apparently the appeal was heard in February regarding MSG HD on FiOS and other Cablevision competitors that want MSG HD: http://forums.verizon.com/t5/FiOS-TV-Programming/MSG-HD/td-p/290823 and http://www.broadcastingcable.com/article/463913-Tatel_Tale_Judge_David_Tatel_Dominates_Grilling_in_Cablevision_Vs_FCC.php Hoping next season we have MSG HD....