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  1. difference is, kobe backs it up most of the time
  2. i guess i was the only fan thinking that 4 minute penalty extending from 2nd to 3rd period was f'in huge because no one in the arena was pissed when they did nothing...bury the game then and it's done!!!
  3. clemmer, gio, oduya - all the rest, buh bye (thanks for the memories, madden). Holik and shanny just do not have it anymore. Havelid was a stupid trade - the Thrashers definitely got the better of the deal - showed me nothing from day one. Rupp is physical which we can always use - maybe if he doesn't ask for that much...
  4. lemaire resigned his post with the wild
  5. and if madden scores and the puck does get cleared they win...no point in dwelling...we all know they need to kick it up in their zone, tho i swear, half the time it sounds like a bunch of yankee fans on this board
  6. bottom line, devils should not have been scampering around in their own end like carolina is on a pp with less than one minute in the game - if you don't set yourself up to lose, 9 times out of 10 you won't
  7. giving him a facial with the skate blade while he's down for good measure also works
  8. How about the Devils playing an NBC game of the week where it's not them vs the Rags?
  9. Having lived on LI most of my life, you would think I would be an Islander or Rags fan - funny thing is that I didn't get into the hoopla of the Isles' Cup years because I really didn't care...hadn't been to a game & wasn't interested. To be honest, I saw being a Devils fan as something that could take root right along with the club landing in NJ, struggle through the growing pains, and truly have an appreciation for all those players who went before in making the team as great as it was when 1995 finally rolled around. As far as the rags, I just don't respect them or their fans - never
  10. i heard them say last night he's out for the series?!? is this true?
  11. unrelated to the goal given up at the end of the game - did it look like to anyone else like the devils pressed to hard trying to get a goal to get back in the game down 2-0? did they really need to pinch in in and give up that odd man rush? they had plenty of time to make a game of it...
  12. i loved the interviewer asking marty if this was the worst loss he's ever had to deal with - like marty's going to say, " oh yeah, tops losing to the rags in game 7 by along shot" - where do they get these morons??
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