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  1. A supporters section is a great idea IF they are loud, rowdy, and relentless. If they are a group of 10 that makes hardly any noise, then it will look a little foolish. Some of the MLS supporters actually do a pretty good job. Philly's Sons of Ben have a few cool songs/chants that really liven up the atmosphere there.
  2. Ha--on that note: Courier Post (South Jersey newspaper) article on the new license plates. http://www.courierpostonline.com/article/20101115/NEWS01/11150334/License-plate-for-Devils-falls-flat
  3. There are rumors about a second mls team coming to NY (Queens). Beckham might be involved and the rumored name is the NY Cosmos. I wonder if that happened and all ny fans threw their support toward the Cosmos, would RBNY feel silly for ditching the Jersey name??
  4. ...like a rainbow in the dark..
  5. I was kind of hoping that they would exit the NY area. I feel that this area is way over-saturated with professional sports teams. We all love hockey, but clearly it's a #3 or #4 sport so the three teams in the area is over the top. Let some other passionate city get a slice of the pie. Does anyone think that a move to Queens or Brooklyn would negatively impact the Rangers fanbase?
  6. Ugghhh....those vomits in Philadelphia will probably win and get home ice now. I can't F-ing believe how the East is shaping up. What does this say about the regular season?!?!
  7. A baseball team in NJ would be a total disaster. I think that is the hardest of the four major sports to shoehorn in a nj team. I would switch in a heartbeat, but like we've seen on this forum, not a lot would. I just HOPE that the people that can't let go of their beloved Yanks or Mets are not the same people who call NJ Rangers fans "turncoats"! That would be totally blatant hypocrisy!
  8. Killa B's do it in OT!! That was a great game to watch. I think it will be a good series.
  9. Skoula in--Fraser out for tomorrow. Let's do this.
  10. A lucky bounce, Carcillo all alone in OT, 19k screaming Flyers fans, and a goal horn that lasts 30 seconds long...puke city! I am sick. Next one is a MUST win.
  11. The absolute worst part is leaving at the end. Win or lose, you get totally belittled on the way out. True, that happens everywhere, but it's so much worse as a Devil fan in Philly. Rangers fans are cupcakes compared to Flyers fans.
  12. Even better...I can't tell you how many people make Freudian slips about it all. People know that I'm from North Jersey and sometimes they'll ask me, "are you heading up to New Jersey to see family?". Oh...and where do YOU live?!?! My wife and I joke that we live in the state of New Pennsylvania.
  13. I think there is some truth to the suburbs in general having more obnoxious fans. There are a LOT of wannabes that imagine that they are from South Philly. It all stems from the lack of state pride in South Jersey. Some locals are almost embarrassed to say that they live in NJ. Most of the local reaction has been outrage at this incident though. I do wonder if there would be such backlash if the vomitee was cheering for the other team.
  14. Phuck Yeah!!! Very hard working third period
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