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  1. https://nypost.com/2024/07/06/sports/devils-have-achieved-heavenly-offseason-with-roster-retool/
  2. I’ve posted the real story going back months.
  3. Nothing, other than they like him.
  4. Yup. Transaction cost way too high, plus need for new deal killed it. So my guy was right that Tatar was the cheap fallback.
  5. I'd love it personally. But he's going to need a new deal AND so far Fitz and Armstrong are apparently not close yet.
  6. Tatar's name has apparently been floated internally as a cheap option. Color me skeptical -- I'll believe it when I see it.
  7. As I posted a couple of hours ago, Skinner and Tarasenko def on their radar screen. But Fitz is refusing (appropriately IMO) to go big on dollars or term. UPDATE: Fitz loves Buch. But contract situation not ideal, and STL demands to date are ridiculous.
  8. Poking around Tarasenko too. But not interested in dumping AAV/Term in remaining UFAs. So unless cheap deal trade route now likelier.
  9. Plan B includes Skinner (but only if cheap).
  10. Certainly doesn’t preclude it, but I haven’t heard anything about DeBrisk specifically. What I’ve been told suggests that Fitz will def be poking around the Fs and is likely to add one, but not at the top end. I’ve heard rumblings around Mantha, but that seems less likely now IMO after adding Cotter. Note that this was before Stamkos going free became more certain. That’s why it remains a long shot.
  11. Fitz still planning a final push for Big Z. Remains a long shot since he needs room for the fish man, but they haven’t given up entirely.
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