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  1. Told you this was coming on Jan 6.
  2. Just imagine how much differently things would look if Allen had been here since January, let alone November. Despite all of their other issues, they would absolutely be in a playoff spot. Infuriating.
  3. Much rather have a shot at Celebreni then get swept by CAR or (more plausibly) hang around until the end of the season.
  4. Just so, so nice to have competent goaltending. Two nights in a row.
  5. WTF Chico: "The Devils are setting them up to be overconfident."
  6. Seriously? If VV/AS/ND were in net tonite that clusterfvck wouldn’t even matter because the game would already be over. Actually that play proves the point.
  7. Just cannot gift goals like that the way this offense is going. Just horrid.
  8. Lazar with a performance to make Smith look disciplined.
  9. Silver lining is the money saved on PO tix. Going on a miracle run just means four extra Canes beatdowns anyway.
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