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  1. https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/slideshows/10-wealthiest-states-in-america?slide=9
  2. Yep. Because GMs always tell the stone-cold truth at pressers lol.
  3. smelly

    What to do with #2?

    Many other decisions this summer will undoubtedly (and should) be about next season. But the use of the No. 2 overall will not be one of them. Fitz will absolutely address G in some way (even if that means overpaying a vet in FA for 2-3 years), and he seems certain to add experienced size and grit up front, but those will not involve the pick, which is much more about tomorrow.
  4. smelly

    What to do with #2?

    There is no chance that this picked is moved for a goalie. Say what you want about Devils management, but they are not stupid enough to repudiate a major windfall and waste an extremely-valuable future asset to address an immediate need. This pick is an opportunity to obtain an elite talent, for nothing more than an entry-level contract, and that will remain cost-controlled organizational property for multiple years. This asset is not about next season, and it would be a malpractice for Fitz to “spend” it for the opportunity to pay an older player market rate for fewer years. Give up the ghost.
  5. FWIW I was told the week before the Frozen Four that the organization had been in touch with the Hughes family about his leaving school immediately after the NCAAs with the plan being that he would join Utica for the playoffs. Hughes' team said they would only do that if the Devils guaranteed that he would be on the NHL roster at the beginning of next season. The Devils (understandably IMO) could not make any such assurances at this point, so Luke decided (also understandably IMO) to stay in school.
  6. I would if I didn’t think it would compromise my source.
  7. Not sure how you see that as an attack, let alone one on you. But since you apparently did, I apologize. That was not my intention.
  8. Ok, for the record, let's review what I posted in October. I reported IMMEDIATELY after the injury that my contact inside was advising me that it was indeed a serious injury (true), that he was in a sling (also true), and that the fear in the immediate aftermath was broken collarbone/separated shoulder (also true). I then took a lot of unwarranted crap, with some going so far as to suggest that I was making it all up, and that he wasn't in fact even seriously hurt. Now as I said then, I was posting as a public service. It's not like I jump on here all the time, and that I'm a sh!t-stirrer who felt like telling a lie for purposes of cheap attention from a hockey BB board. Truth is, I got a text at 6 am the next morning confirming the MRI, the dislocated shoulder, and the estimated timetable for return. But after all the garbage spewed my way I said F it, I'm not posting and the board can just wait to find out. Again, what I've posted about Blackwood and Zacha is absolutely what I've been told. They were indeed trying very hard to ship PZ to VAN but they could not make the pieces fit. Whether they are able to move either this summer will obviously bear itself out, but that is absolutely what they will try aggressively to do. There is so much more insane, stupid BS to the Blackwood story that hasn't even come close to the light of day. As said above, take it FWIW. Doesn't matter to me if you believe me or think I'm a fraud.
  9. FWIW, From what I hear from my contacts on the inside, the organization is absolutely fed up with both Zacha (coasts) and Blackwood (high-maintenance crybaby), and that neither is currently expected back.
  10. Just an utterly horrible play by Mercer.
  11. You are an idiot. Everything I posted has checked out and is consistent with the official team release. You are obviously not a doctor either. For the rest of you: the internal estimate is approximately four weeks (as I posted yesterday morning, after I learned it was a dislocation). Go back and look at the end of the game thread - my post about the anticipated timetable is right there.
  12. No, has either a separated shoulder or a broken collarbone. As I told you hours ago. never heard a peep that anyone was worried about a concussion as the doc above speculates.
  13. Well, it’s one thing to be skeptical. It’s another to launch a personal attack because you don’t know who I am and you don’t know that ive been a STH for 25 years, have been registered here since before you even knew the site existed, and just don’t bother to post here anymore since I’ve got better things to do (like grandkids). and now the Seattle fan next to me is chewing Bernier’s flub lovely
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