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  1. Fair enough. But you are cherry-picking by giving credence to the "nothing imminent" report, while suggesting the writer and the analysts he cites really don't know anything with respect to everything else in the article. If your position is that the reports are based on nothing concrete, ok -- but if true it necessarily applies to everything, as there is no basis for distinguishing those parts of the piece. It simply isn't possible for the sources to know with certainty that something they don't really know anything about won't happen soon.
  2. This seems about right: https://newjerseyhockeynow.com/2023/11/28/takeaways-devils-goaltending-leaky-defense-poor-in-victory-over-islanders/
  3. Jack doing Jack things also = bailing out a useless VV. If you are ready to give up on Lindy, fine. But VV is cooked here. No reason not to bail on him too. In fact, there is a very good chance the season depends on doing exactly that. The Rock was indeed awesome tonite.
  4. HUGE goal. The point they denied NYI by hopefully winning in regulation may be crucial in April.
  5. Damn. Jack's eyes during that stoppage. Just killer.
  6. Nice story bro. Go ahead. Look at my original posts tonite. Then see the responses. But you won’t do that. Because a lot easier to ignore the facts.
  7. Explain to me how I picked a fight. Go ahead. Read my two original posts above. I didn’t start the sarcastic garbage.
  8. And what I have been most interested in all along is Fitz finally doing something to address this bleeding, gaping wound before the season has for all purposes slipped away.
  9. Not so much. I was talking about hockey. Look at my original two posts tonite. The subsequent ones are only in direct response to the sarcastic reax above. And btw, I told you so.
  10. That’s simply untrue. Go back starting with the offseason thread started immediately after Game 5 against Carolina and the rest of the summer. Talk about obnoxious. Way over the line.
  11. No. But I have a lot of posts flagging this for months when everyone else naively and dismissively said everything was perfectly fine.
  12. They were indeed great. And VV basically didn’t have to play. Winning combo. If they had the best goalie on the planet this exact same team would look a lot better in the standings.
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