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  1. Sure, if you want to you can find reasons to be concerned about the hire; it definitely might not work out. But then again, maybe it will . . .
  2. https://www.nhl.com/news/coyotes-taylor-hall-coyotes-contract-talk/c-316428148
  3. Lou, Guerin, Parise. Would be the most Devilish non-Devils transaction ever.
  4. smelly

    Coleman to the Bolts

    Well, Hinote coached Hughes at the USNTDP, so . . .
  5. For a slash, maybe. But the call was hooking bad call
  6. Laviolette to NJ and Hynes to Nashville would be pretty funny.
  7. That’s a false distinction. Once they are drafted it doesn’t matter what round they were drafted in. Only matters how they develop and whether and when they are ready to make the jump and when they want to leave school. I’m a Harvard alum and have watched Fox since he announced he was going there. The fact that he was drafted in a later round was entirely irrelevant to his career path. He wanted to go Harvard (see: Garrett Cole and Yankees/UCLA), stay in school and also was not ready. The AHL was an entirely unappealing option, especially if it meant he had to sign with CAR where he did not want to be. The same factors will dictate how Caulfield’s and Knight’s careers progress, and it is now inconsequential what round they were selected in.
  8. Caulfield is not playing in the NHL next year. He’s more another Fox. Same with Knight. And def same with Newhook. And you are weaseling out. You cannot credibly at any time in the future question Shero’s trading Hall for a deal built around an NCAA talent who in the future ends up not signing.
  9. You are forgetting that the player in that circumstance would have meaningful leverage over Shero by simply saying they aren’t signing and won’t sign in three years. That would result in a Hall-like situation all over again. I also don’t think it’s realistic at all that Knight or Caulfield will want to or be ready to leap to the NHL next year anyway. And they aren’t leaving school to play in the AHL. In any event, let’s just agree now that in the extremely unlikely event Shero acquires a Knight, Newhook, Caulfield etc and then they end up going the NCAA free agent route, you won’t have a peep of criticism, and will in fact commend Shero for having made the unquestionably correct call, ok?
  10. Oh come on. You’d be the first person bitching about how Shero mismanaged this if they acquired an NCAA talent who never signed. The risk isn’t worth it - why would any of the plausible targets sign with the sh!tshow you incessantly describe? And they aren’t getting Caulfield and likely not Knight either anyway
  11. It’s super risky for Shero to take back anyone in college. They can easily pull a Kerfoot/Butcher/Vesey and Devs end up with nothing. Stay away even if it’s Knight, Newhook, etc.
  12. smelly

    GDT: Devils @ Stars

    No mention that they fired their coach today under unusual circumstances? https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/28266112/stars-fire-jim-montgomery-unprofessional-conduct
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lqyTe339f50&feature=youtu.be
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