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  1. smelly

    It’s Keefe

    I am still trying to find out if the job was ever offered to Chief. The previous conversation I had gave me the impression that he wasn't in a position to accept an offer since their wasn't one. It wasn’t.
  2. What's been reported is consistent with what I have heard: Berube likely to TOR. Keefe a possibility. Woodcroft most likely. Haven't heard anything recently about Sullivan.
  3. And the cost of adding a number one G just gets higher and higher by the week. Add CAR to the mix now too. TOR already there. EDM will be too. Just livid at Fitz for dawdling for months when the problem was obvious. Not only did his dithering cost them the season, it’s now cost them additional assets. I assure you 10 overall is decidedly in play.
  4. Rangers threaten massive choke. Canes: hold my beer.
  5. Nothing definitive. I know that they love Woody.
  6. No one in the front office is thinking this way. And even if they were the cap isnt going up a jillion dollars anyway.
  7. I’ve been told a few things they are reportedly looking at, but have heard nothing about this. That in itself absolutely doesn’t mean it isn’t true, but such a deal also doesn’t make a lot of sense or seem feasible given what OTT would understandably demand in return. As for Crouse, OTOH . . . no comment.
  8. What a body blow. Damn, Isles.
  9. FWIW I’m told that Ullmark is currently the target, as he is considered to be the most realistically obtainable. He would require a much longer and much higher cap hit than Markstrom, who remains the other viable target. Cost for Saros is considered to be be too high, both in terms of players and financial commitment/term. It’s early and things can change. But that’s where things stand as of now.
  10. And Mercer’s agents have been told that if he wants to stay in Jersey he will have to accept terms reflective of his performance this year. Fitz knows his neck is on the line and isn’t taking any prisoners.
  11. Word is unless your name is Jack, Luke, Nico, Simon, Jesper or Timo you shouldn’t leave any stuff in Jersey cuz Fitz will absolutely move you in the right transaction. Literally everyone else is available.
  12. Told you this was coming on Jan 6.
  13. Just imagine how much differently things would look if Allen had been here since January, let alone November. Despite all of their other issues, they would absolutely be in a playoff spot. Infuriating.
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