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  1. GDT: Phailures @ Devils 7:00 PM

    Hope you're right about the "very little happening". Don't think the Devs have the army (no Prout, gimpy Wood) to go all bloodbath, just to see Travis probably have to save the day.....not his best role!
  2. 2016-2017 Lineup Thread

    Literally haven't posted in 4 years. Genuine concern tonight. No Prout, no word on a Gazdic call up. Looking at relying on a very banged up Wood to handle the rough stuff. Also saw Flyers are dressing 6'7 damn Samuel Morin...he of over 100 PIMS in the AHL. Kind of surprised, what with comments about late hits, and protecting each other. Like someone said, great to see Travis sticking his nose in, but he shouldn't have to do it a 3rd time in less then 2 weeks. Just got a bad feeling. Hope I'm wrong.
  3. Devils claim Tom Kostopoulos

    Ooofa.... If you thought Barch was a punching bag......... The New Jersey Devils might possibly employ the two worst fighters in the National League of Hockey
  4. Shanahan joins Devils

    Haven't posted all season, felt this was a good topic to weigh in on. Personally, I like the move. Shanahan getting 4th line minutes, PP and PK minutes, will be more effective then any of the "future stars" in Lowell that many folks on this board are longing for. That unconditional love for those kids makes me scratch my head. Brendan Shanahan at 40 blows away ANY option on the farm. Unfortunately, many here go ga-ga over names like Bergfors. Is it because he was a first rounder? I digress. As far as who comes out of the lineup? I think Madden's days are numbered on this roster. If that's not the plan, then in my eyes, Pando is forward #13. For anyone who thinks Rupper comes out, last night is the perfect reason he doesn't. Greene levels Parise=Rupp pounds Greene. The Devils have MANY willing fighters who do a great job, but Rupper is a heavyweight. Never thought I'd say that, but he has really impressed this season. This has been my favorite Devils team in years, 'cause they have an edge they haven't had since having Oliwa. With fighting up BIG TIME, and it not going away any time soon, the fact that he does what he does, AND, he can play the game, not only do you keep him in the lineup, but I think he gets a long, hard look as a re-sign this summer. Of course, my version of "can play" doesn't mean he's only 22, and has 30 goal potential with first line minutes, as it seems many here want as a requirement to be on this roster. One more thing, do people need to get on Sheldon friggin Brookbank at all times? He's a spare part, and when called upon, he does fine as said spare part. Geez. People need to enjoy this team more! They're not going 82-0. They are not pitching 82 shutouts. They will not have 8 30 goal scorers. They will not field a lineup of nothing but 22 year old first round picks. No one is winning the Norris. Brent Sutter is here for the long haul. Sheldon Brookbank is what he is, and despite no big names, our D is doing a pretty damn good job! Just enjoy a scrappy team who has some great nights, and has some bad nights. Let's face it folks, in the end, we'll be in the dance, with just as much potential to do damage as everyone else.
  5. Vrana/Rupp/PLLL

    I just have a feeling that Sutter is expecting a LOT more in the way of physical play from Rupp this year.
  6. Vrana/Rupp/PLLL

    Carrying an enforcer who can't play the game, for sure, I agree 100%. I also do believe that the league is as "tough" as it's been since the late 90's (maybe), and DEFINITELY since the lockout. I also do think you're seeing more "enforcer types" surfacing again. Probably right about letting Rupper walk after this year, and letting PLLL work on his skills in Lowell. IMO, though, that phone call to Lowell should be made a handful of times this year, once Sutter is sick of Rupp.
  7. Vrana/Rupp/PLLL

    So, I would think it's safe to say that Vrana is in.... I mentioned the other day after the Washington game that the Rupp's, Clarkson's and Salvador's of world can not go night in and night out with the Godard's, Orr's, Laraque's and Brashear's of the world. Last night, Salvador fought Sudgen, and lost. Rupp fought Fritz, and as per TG, got smoked. Salvador will fight occasionally. Rupp is supposed to fight often. I've stated before that I thought I was one of the only folks on the Mike Rupp Bus, but it is apparent that he is not the guy for that "job". Add to that thought, some of Sutter's comments regarding PLLL, and not having to "be reminded" of his job, unlike Rupper, who was in Sutter's chateau bow-wow for most of last year. All in all, I think it's time to let Rupper go. I think PLLL deserves a shot. Not an everynight player for sure, but when the upper-echelon teams in term of toughness are on the other side of the rink, I think it's important to put him in. Even if he gets 5 minutes...it's a couple of minutes less then what Rupp most likely would have received, and Rupp most likely would not do much with those minutes. I'll admit, I'm not a stickler for knowing the rules of the waiver wire and cap hits, etc, etc If Rupp were to be let go, what would be the most responsible thing financially? Trade? release? Personally, I think you go with these lines: when PLLL is out: Elias-Rolston-Gionta Parise-Zajac-Langenbrunner Pando-Madden-Vrana Zubrus-Holik-Clarkson when PLLL is in, mayhaps you scratch Vrana, throw Clarkie up on line 3, and insert PLL on that big 4th line. I know everyone craves as much offense as possible, but I do think it's VERY important to have the proverbial "edge" in the lineup
  8. Our 23 Man Roster

    Forgot about the whole Fedorov not going to Lowell aspect of it. I just want to see this kid get a shot.
  9. Our 23 Man Roster

    Switch Fedorov's spot with Leblond
  10. Devils' Letourneau-Leblond hoping toughness earns him roster spot

    Sigh... I guess I'm just an old fart when I think that this cat absolutely, 100% deserves a spot on the 4th line. I've been a Mike Rupp supporter for as long as possible, but I think this kid should at least get a look. As stated further on down the line, despite the fact that Rupp took on, and did well against, Colton Orr last year, Clarkson, Rupper, Salvador, these guys can't stand in night in and night out with the Brashear's, Laraque's, and Godard's of the Eastern Conference.
  11. Langenbrunner and Zubrus Drop the Gloves

    Surprised at some of the negativity about all of this. Whether it was a macho pissing match, or a heated, toe-to-toe slugfest (doubt it), it's emotion....something everyone here was vocal about this club lacking last year. Let's hope it spills over into tomorrow afternoon, and such and such.
  12. Salvador makes early impact for New Jersey Devils

    Say what you want about Sean Avery, but if the Rangers think Aaron Voros is going to "take over" the "pest" job for them, they are in for some tough times ahead. ...sheesh, "Stop running around"....with the exception of Orr, and to a MUCH lesser extenet, Voros, the Rags are going to be S-O-F-T this season!
  13. Pelley Officially Resigns

    Add me to the list of folks who had to double-take this one!! LOL!!!! Good to be back.....haven't posted since 4/19....Wow! Just awaking from my summer slumber
  14. An honest look ahead

    Let me preface this by mentioning that this post will be about looking forward only, not what this team has/hasn't done in the last 13 years, cups, spoiled fans, "die-hard" fans, etc.... THis post may contain some comments that irk some, and will lead to "but the guy has a history of.....", and in the scheme of things, as a spoiled fan myself, that's cool. I just want to give, what I think, is an honest opinion of this franchsie as of right now, and looking ahead. -Brent Sutter is a good coach. For those that want him fired, too bad....aint happening. I've stated many times in the past that the inmates ran the asylum for entirely too long. Gone are the days. Trust me, if someone shoots a puck at Sutter and has major issues with him, said player will be on the move this time around, not vice versa. Again, Brent Sutter is a good coach, who took a team who had no business being a #4, and putting them into that position......expect to see him here for the long haul, folks. -Lou did a bad job by not acquiring SOME scoring help at the deadline. I'm not saying he had to get Hossa, Campbell, etc... Bottom line. With the world of Free Agency being what it is today, the draft, in my opinion, is completely overrated. Sure, you get your can't-miss-kids once in a blue moon, and sure, you find that diamond-in-the-rough in round 5 one year, but bottom line, with players moving like they do nowadays, THAT'S how a team stays competitive in the "New NHL", which by the way, IS the model, and it aint gonna change. The quicker Lou see's this, the better off the the Devils will be, truthfully. You can piss and moan about the Rangers spending spree, but hey, they're in round two, we're not. -Goaltending. Time for Marty to put his ego aside, and be TOLD how many games he's going to play, not dictate his schedule. I know, I know, I'm waiting for all the comments about what he's done for this team...including basically getting them to the show this year. I know all this, don't need to fill me in. Sorry folks, come October next year, Marty's 36. That aint young in the hockey world. We have a MORE then capable backup who could give you 20 solid performances a year. Suck it up and realize that. All this being said, I don't expect to see Lou make a HUGE splash come July, and that's cool with me. He does, however, need to look at the state of this team and realize that right now, the Devils are run-of-the-mill mediocre, with no much to look forward to down on the farm. If he can accept mediocrity, so be it. If he can't, which I'm hoping is true, then changes will be made. If it means shipping someone who we thought would die a devil, then so be it. Again, loyalty is a beautiful thing, but at some point, in the world of competitive athletics, you have to move on. As they say, "this guy could use a change of scenary". Not saying it will happen, not even implying that it has to, just a thought. I'm hoping this post can spark some post post-season banter and the such, but please, PLEASE, can we avoid talking about what so and so has done in the past, and how I'm spoiled? I know I am....hell, we've been a part of this for a long time, with Lou as the best GM in sports, demanding perfection, and not expecting anything less. In turn, we, as fans, have taken it in like gospel and feel the same way Not a call out...just looking for some good discussion......
  15. Before we all disperse....

    I echo these thoughts (including the proper spelling question!)