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  1. Happy Birthday drummerpuck!

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    Apparently Liles has a NTC http://blogs.denverpost.com/avs/2009/02/03...ould-you-trade/
  3. I got home from the game about midnight last night and I didn't have a chance to post yet. The game was awesome and it was incredbile to watch Marty in action. My 15-hour trip to Denver was absoulutely worth it to watch the game that was played by the Devils. I am used to watching the Devils paly in the hostile enviroment at Dallas and so I was really amazed how complementary the Avs fans were about the Devils. I had a whole group behind me that were Avs fans and they told me that they were not there to see Forsberg, Foote, or Sakic (although 2 of the 3 didn't play) - but they were there to see Brodeur, exclaiming "this is why we came to see this game." It was an awesome treat to see the whole team play an awesome game. Next time I plan a trip to fly in, see a game, and fly back out all in one day.- I'm going to finally make it to The Rock.
  4. This is very true. I like in one of the areas where the Devils are never shown on TV. I went a two year strech and only saw a couple of playoff games in Texas (college student with no budget for CenterIce). They aren't shown on the media there and when they do talk about them it's negative - why should anyone in those areas even care about the Devils. True story of how I became a Devils Fan - don't hate me. In 2001, I was watching my Avalanche play for the Stanley Cup and of course in the finals they were playing the Devils. I had never seen the Devils play (I missed the 2000 Cup Finals because I was in a coma). I grew to love the Devils. I loved the way they worked, played, spoke, everything. By game seven I did not care which team won, because I had truly become a Devils fan during the series. When it was all over, I still root for the Avalanche, but my heart belongs to the Devils. Every year I know that they are going to give me a great team to make a run for it - I like the way they played - I feel in love with Devils hockey. So now I am a passionate, die-hard Devils fan and root for the Avalanche occaissionally. I try to spread the word whenever I can. Most people in Tulsa see my liscense plate frame and ask me if the Devils are a Lacrosse team......
  5. I rarely get to watch Doc and Chico together - but thanks to Center Ice tonight Chico: " All I know is that those pants never go across the goal line." 4-5-07
  6. THANK YOU!!!! In Tulsa, I don't even get the NBC coverage - it is always basketball or golf!
  7. drummerpuck

    Hilarous commerical

    Funny - the NHL did a good job on this one. Now if they can just show it during non-NHL broadcasts.......
  8. So I bought an NHL calendar this year as my Christmas present to myself. Everything seemed fine until last week, when I wrote my rent check. I went right after work to drop my check off on Friday 3rd (according to my calendar) and made a big deal about how I was happy that there were still open, because I didn't want it to be late. Everyone in the office looked at me like I was nuts, I left assuming they had just had a bad day. Later, I wondered why the date on my watch and calendar didn't match and I then I remembered the rent check fiasco. I finally looked at a copy of the newspaper and then discovered that the date for my calendar are off for the entire year - starting in February!!! Did anyone else have this happen? How could this slip through quality control? How stupid are you to be a calendar manufacturer and get the dates wrong? I guess I will just keep my calendar and correct all of the dates by hand.....
  9. I just have this thing - it's called the National Hockey League - it seems that with only 30 teams, each team should play the others at least once. This is common sense to me - I am not sure how the board does not see this......
  10. drummerpuck

    Free CI

    Does anyone know when the half season starts? I just moved to the middle of Oklahoma and I can actually get Center Ice here - but I can't afford the full season on a student's budget.
  11. So I just looked at the shift chart and we are playing 7 'centers', 2 left wings, 2 right wings, and 5 D-men - that scares me.......
  12. Damn this is awesome - Watcing the Devils -even if Center Ice is not availible on my street in Texas!
  13. Was anyone else disturbed by the commerical that had Peter Forsberg (dressed in full gear) in bed to remind a guy that the season had started - and then put out the light with his stick?
  14. It was a disapointing game to see in person. Gomez, Parise, and Gionta really only had 2 or 3 good shifts. The Stars did a good job in not allowing us to carry the puck into the zone and our dump-and-chase game was not very good. I was very impressed by Zajac - he played well, his goal was pretty and well deserved.
  15. I haven't seen the Devils play live since 2002 - I can't wait!
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