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  1. Hey I'm hoping someone might be able to give me a little info. I know they recently redid the team store this year and I'm making it out for my first game this season. Is there anything actually good or worth while there? I'm trying to figure out if I should try and get there a little earlier to check it out or just try and swing by during an intermission. My biggest question would be the player jersey shirts. Last year i remember they had Larsson but only in XL and 2X. I was wondering if they had more players that you can't buy online and an actual selection of sizes. Or is it just more of the same.
  2. Hi everyone, I think this is a good spot to post this but does anyone have any experience with Pitchfork Tees? (http://pitchforktees.bigcartel.com/) I was curious because I ordered the Jagr Bomb tshirt about 2 months ago now, emailed them before ordering and they responded quick and seemed really professional about it. So I decided to order and then I haven't heard anything from them since they confirmed the order and took my money. I've sent 3 emails and gotten no response to any. Its "only" 20 bucks, but it still bugs me. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with them and had similar experiences or knows of any other Devils fan merchandise like this that they have dealt with and had a more positive experience?
  3. I think his lack of contract has less to do with his abilities and more of a numbers game. He's got skills but only one season of NHL experience so he's still a big question of will he be able to keep up his production. With the cap dropping and teams not having much flexibility I think they would rather take risks on Dmen or Goaltending. Even if he doesn't fit on the Devils he will definitely sign somewhere, once teams get an idea of what their rosters look like and what prospects are and are not ready I think at least one team would be willing to take a chance with his potential. Thats why I want him playing here.
  4. True, I don't know too much about Quebec and I've only been to Montreal once, I just remember it being very "French". I was just surprised by the comment that the French language barrier would stop expansion and/or slow it down, as there are teams that use French as a language to communicate with fans and conduct business. I get what your saying about Montreal being done more for visibility rather than assembling a French only team, and the Senators being very close to Quebec as well so its just a simple fact on engaging the potential fanbase. I was just saying that I don't see anything that would set a precedent that would make me believe that there is a serious bias against Francophone teams. and just to further the discussion: Are you saying that Quebec City would be a "French" team first and unfriendly towards anglophones? (Sort of justifying the argument towards lukewarm support for expansion into the market) or just that their identity is different than Montreal and its not exactly a 1:1 comparison?
  5. That would be odd because Montreal is in Quebec and speaks French too, granted they are 100 years old and an original franchise but French is still the primary language. I think even Ottawa (from just quick visits to 4 of the Canadian team websites) has easy access to a French language version of their site. That seems really odd if thats a thing, especially because of Canada having dual national languages.
  6. Expansion I think can be good. I don't think the talent pool is diluted but rather teams have been mismanaged and just places get stigmas against them. I would love to see the league expand if it meant better tangible things, ie increased revenues, getting rid of the new conference imbalance, more players getting opportunities, potentially more owners giving leverage to the smaller market teams (not saying this would happen but I would love it if Seattle and say Kansas City got teams then instantly took sides with the smaller market teams). The skill argument seems too much in line with a smaller league which I personally don't like the thought of, and Ken Campbell for THN has an article where it constructed 2 expansion teams based on UFA rosters, looking at those between those 2 UFA teams and an expansion draft I believe that the skill is there, now its just up to the league's business interests.
  7. Mine would have to be my Chico Eats tshirt signed by Chico, Weekes, and Janssen. My brother was in one of the camps he ran during the summer and pretty much stole the shirt and got it signed. I think it's awesome. Cam was on the blues at the time and had no idea what it was and Chico and Weekes just laughed about it, according to the story. I've been meaning to get a frame for it or something.
  8. IDK if anyone would be able to help me with this, but Im looking at taking my nephews to an AHL game for Christmas. I was looking at some of the tickets for up in Albany, but the seating charts are different from site to site. Does anyone know the actual seating chart for the games? On the Devils website it says that the home bench is behind section 104, but on the ticketmaster website it actually says that the home bench is behind section 106. Anyone actually know which one it is, and if I wanted to get tickets close to the bench what section would be the best to look in to? Thanks anyone who can help. (and yes, I have thought about just getting tickets in 105 to be safe, but I was hoping to get behind the Devils bench.)
  9. I was under the impression from what I've read that Clermont was only signed as insurance for the AHL. He was going to play another season in juniors as an overage player, who could be called up on an emergency basis. I'm looking forward to seeing what some of those other guys can do if they are all making the jump to the AHL though.
  10. I would have to say in my shorter time as a devils fan. I think it's really just a bunch of those guys from 03. Lol. I was 13 and I remember following the team like crazy. I really kind of had a soft spot for Friesen and Langenbrunner. Also kind of liked Cory Schwab. That whole 03 team I remember thinking was awesome. But those guys for some reason I just kind of remember. Also after his last season definitely Holik.
  11. My sister lives down that way. My two nephews play out of Floyd Hall in Montclair.
  12. This was actually on Puck Daddy earlier today. I didn't know about it, IDK if anyone else did. But its from Nightmare on Helm Street. Seems like one of those rumors, kind of like Sheldon Souray a couple of years ago, only its about Scott Gomez for Pavel Datsyuk. Definitely was one of those imagine that moments when I was reading it. Nightmare on Helm Street
  13. I don't know if anyone saw or heard it but they just read an email on NHL Live about how Brodeur wasn't as good as the media makes him out to be, Hradek and LaGrecia both just completly tore him up after they read it. It was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Definetly made today a whole lot better after last night. Anyone else see it?
  14. JPntsca


    while I believe that its about him coming to prospects camp I don't think you need to be signed to come to training camp. Didn't we sign Nick Palmieri to a contract after he had a good showing in training camp, or was it the same type of misreading. He had an awesome prospect camp, and they signed him to try out for the big team. I read it off of Palmieri's profile on Hockey's Future and there's no links to any articles to elaborate on that.
  15. Oh this is getting entertaining like a guilty pleasure, like wrestling. I could tell it isn't the real lou though do to the fact that hes treating the fans like they essential to the organization, and is answering questions with things I understand, not his usual Yoda type pearls of wisdom.
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