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  1. He is a very weak finisher IMO, he gets a boatload of scoring chances for himself and his teammates. in terms of pure skills he is as fluid a skater as you will find in the Devils system, so effortless. His shot accuracy is quite poor. His stickhandling and hands are acceptable. For whatever reason the points don't follow him, based on the games I watched I would have expected a little over a PPG.
  2. I fully expect NJ to miss the playoffs now but that seems to be when they start rolling off wins. Either way playoffs would be really nice but a potential #1 defensmen would also be really nice, especially with how young our team is.
  3. I hope this trade doesn't work out for Bruins..worse teams in the playoffs is a good thing.
  4. I'd take the kid in a second, played through a pretty serious injury and played well.
  5. Maybe moved for Hayden Fleury, Carolina has too many defensmen.
  6. NJ should have 3 defensmen above 1 point per 60 minites 5 on 5. He will also nearly double any of our defensmen in PIM drawn per 60 min. This maybe the best offensive group NJ has had in years.
  7. As Mike Kelly pointed out NJ is 30th or 31st in every category for breaking out this year. Vatanen will help that. Butcher will not come out either, why not play both on the PP, its safer.
  8. Zacha on the wing should prove to be the correct move furthering his development. He just doesn't have the hockey sense to be an offensive contributor at center.
  9. The most interesting battle is on defense. How much longer can Lovejoy tread water at this level.
  10. 16 goals 53 assists for 69 points in 82 games the last two years. I don't care about the eye test in this situation, results prove his elite hockey sense and playmaking. Similar numbers to Andy Greene.
  11. Butcher will be what he is developed to be. Mark Giordano came out of nowhere, if his offense translates he could be a 30 point NHL defensmen.
  12. He is a garbage player who found ways how to score. With no PP time he is a slow useless player that should be on his way to Europe.
  13. He has led the team in scoring all 3 years starting as a true freshmen, he has been much better at the college level than Blaine Byron who finally broke out and created a market. If Seney puts up 40+ points he will be one of the top 5 options like Kerfoot, Butcher and Byron.
  14. So you're saying if Seney put up a 47 point season in roughly 37 games you don't believe he will test his luck in free agency? Seney, unlike Kerfoot, has plus speed that will play in the NHL right away.
  15. I think the key is no to push your luck and let them play past years in college. Brett Seney is in dangerous territory. If he has a breakout season people already know he has elite speed to play in the NHL. I would bet he is gone.
  16. I love these lines but you and I know that Henrique is going to be at center on one of the top two lines, for at least 4 to 6 more months.
  17. NJ absolutely can. If Cory Schneider has a .929 sv% season NJ has a pretty good chance.
  18. Adam Boqvist, Jesper's brother, is having a tremendous Ivan Hlinka tournament. 8 points in 5 games so far. He is an undersized right handed defensmen that stickhandles like a small offensive winger. NJ is lucky to have such a defense heavy draft this season.
  19. NJ needs a fluke development on defense. Something like Chainey putting up a PPG on defense out of nowhere. Jeremy Davies may fit the bill with a strong year.
  20. Seeing that every team in the Metro is better than us, now would be a perfect time to start planning for next season. 4 of the top 5 fit massive needs, Dahlin, Svechnikov, Hughes and Merkley.
  21. It is always good to spitball ideas about possibly combinations even if NJ adds one or two more pieces before camp. This gives us an idea of the looks we may see moving forward. Also, with 12 days left in my deployment its a good way for me to kill time. Here is what I would like to see going into camp. Taylor Hall - Travis Zajac - Kyle Palmieri Zajac really improved this past season, he seemed to actually focus some efforts on offense. This line is a below average first line in the NHL but as Zajac gets passed by Hischier and hopefully McLeod, the line will improve. Palmieri and Hall seemed to click and a full season together should have Palmieri back over 30 goals. This line has one elite driver and two complimentary players. Adam Henrique - Nico Hischier - Marcus Johansson I really thought hard and long about the 2nd and 3rd lines. Do you look for balance with Henrique on the 3rd line or do you support Hischier as much as possible and I decided on the latter. I believe Hischier will be a driver, maybe not in his first year but watching him at the WJC against players 2 years older, he carries the puck and pushes the pace. Johansson is a driver as well, his style should mesh well with the rookie. Henrique is a complimentary player who should finally put up some better shot totals and maybe close 30 goals again. Pavel Zacha - Michael McLeod - Blake Speers This is the definition of the kid line. This is a great combination of speed and skill that should put a lot of shots up against the opposition off the rush. All 3 players center last year with McLeod and Speers bring very good on faceoffs, this should allow this line to cheat on faceoffs and gain possession early in shifts. This line will be very exciting. Joseph Blandisi - Brian Boyle - Stefan Noesen This should be a very competitive 4th line in the NHL that should create quite a bit of offense. Boyle is great on faceoffs and finishes quite often for a 4th liner. Blandisi drives play and his playmaking skills should be an asset with two bangers. Boyle should give this line a semblance of stability in the defensive zone. Nick Lappin, Andy Greene - Damon Severson Why not stack one pairing, atleast 1/3 of the time we will be able to create offense. They worked well in the past and Severson should be able to take another step forward with some more offensive players up front. John Moore - Steven Santini Now it's just throwing names together and hoping it sticks. NJ needs more defensmen. Mirco Mueller - Ben Lovejoy Who knows, maybe Mirco Mueller turns out to be a stud.
  22. Hall - Zajac - Palmieri Zacha - Hischier - Johansson McLeod - Henrique - Speers
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