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  1. Good trade, NJ could use some depth on the left side. http://hfboards.hockeysfuture.com/showthread.php?t=1852833&page=2
  2. Maybe Hall should be given the rest of the year off
  3. The reason he doesn't put up the points is because his hands aren't good enough to keep the puck on his stick in the offensive zone and on the PP.
  4. Defensive defensmen should be able to make the jump much quicker or even straight from NCAA. Santini is proving this.
  5. no reason, there is a lot of luck in the playoffs. Toronto seems to have a strong goaltender, elite possession players and a lot of offensive finishers.
  6. Toronto already has an abundance of elite prospects. Give Lamoriello excellent prospects and he will give you a winner, Toronto will win a cup in the next 7 years.
  7. I think it's time NJ started mining for expansion casualties. Jonas Brodin is number 1 on my list. He isn't high offensive defensmen that many want however he is a strong possession defensmen who is very good defensively, very much like Adam Larsson. I would also like to trade Mike Cammalleri at the TD for a late first or a 2nd and a prospect. When NJ is ready to compete in two years he will most likely be a shadow of himself on a terrible contract. You can easily sign Elias to fill the veteran void.
  8. In other news, Bennett-Zacha-Parenteau were a very solid line two games in a row. This is one line that shouldn't change but will.
  9. It's not the strongest of drafts however it usually takes well into the new year before people start learning about prospects. Cody Glass is ranked in the 20's but is 6`2 and 1.4 PPG in the WHL playing center.
  10. Speers to the 4th line, there isn't any real good news with the Devils prospects anymore after a fast start.
  11. Alex Kerfoot has to be given a contract this year, I think he may just wait and go UFA this summer however like Vessey.
  12. With the development of other youngsters Reid Boucher's shelf life was bound to come to an end.
  13. The crazy thing is Hall hasn't even begun to show how good he is 5 on 5. I believe Zacha is the only center who fits with him as well.
  14. It's pretty bad Parenteau Auvitu and Quincey are our top 3 possession players to start the year. Prior to camp, none were expected to be on the team. Shero sure does make currency out of nothing.
  15. I have a feel Speers with Cammalleri may click, similar offensive styles with and without the puck.
  16. I have only seen Speers make one mistake in the defensive zone that led to a fury of shots. Miles Wood just doesn't have hands or hockey sense to make smart plays along the boards, in the neutral zone or on the forecheck. He really needs to go down to develop. Jacob Josefson should always be in the lineup in at least a 4th line role.
  17. Wedgewood isn't the type of goaltender you want, he can steal games with his style but he can also lose games. There is no trust in him to make the easy saves.
  18. Who was better between Lappin and Speers?
  19. Some may ask, what is Zacha's and Lappins total corsi over the preseason? +25 for Zacha and Lappin. These two have pretty good chemistry together and I think they both stick.
  20. John Hynes has similar thoughts to myself on the roster. DSP is a 4th liner.
  21. Blake Speers on the right side with Zacha and Cammalleri really intrigues me. I assumed he would be sent down with the rest of the kids.
  22. Well, if Quincey is healthy he should be a capable top 4 defensmen playing on the bottom pair.
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