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  1. Єklund (2.3% accurate) hasnt posted it yet... it must be true
  2. Cal914


    Damn it i jumped the gun, im sorry guys
  3. Cal914


    hahahaha so your saying you want the Islanders to play hard and win... and you call yourself a devils fan.... shame on you
  4. umm, im neutral about this deal and next year is going to be really hectic with Marty and Zajac's contracts up and now Parise, that is the only problem i see right now, like LeMaire said "one game at a time"... one year at a time
  5. i dont understand how Canes are still in it, if they win they will have 93 pts and so will the rags, but Canes will have 3 less wins... i know the new rule with shootout wins not counting for a tie breaker, but thought that was only if they had the same amount of wins
  6. Cal914

    Devil prospect report

    i want the Sweedish trio. but hopefully Kovy and or Tedenby can play rw, due to our over population in the LW position
  7. Daly said a decision would be announced by 5 pm today... i thought he meant a yes or no... not a decision to change rules he helped create... hmmm im sensing they want more time to prove this because they could not find a damn thing wrong with it
  8. hahahahahah what are the chances
  9. in my opinion the NHL is just doing this to exploit the need for a maximum length on a contract when the CBA is up next year, but if Crosby signed a 35 yr deal it would be perfectly fine
  10. we could trade Rolston to Carolina for a good amount cause goals tend to be scored on shots that hit the boards/glass
  11. Cal914

    where were you?

    i was in class and got a text and had to explain my fist pumping reasons
  12. Patty could play center and if Kovy's back i think he can plat either side
  13. i wanna wear it to a game, for my college hockey team our locker room was the Utica Devils way back when
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