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  1. 36 minutes ago, smelly said:

    Fitz would much rather Saros.  He is done relying on anyone remotely unproven.  That's blown up in his face too many times.

    Word is he has lots of preferred options before Askarov -- Markstrom, Ullmark, Swayman, Saros.

    But beggars like Fitz can't be choosers.

    I don't want Markstrom... he's too old.   We don't need a goalie will be 35 before we can even realistically get back into the playoffs (next playoff)
    Ullmark/Swayman have never carried a heavy load.   I like Swayman more, but so does Boston and they are trying to extend him - but they aren't close.

    Saros checks the boxes age wise and demonstrated workload.   He's small for a modern goalie at 5'11 - but like you said, beggars can't be choosers.

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  2. 8 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Better be daaaaaaaaamn sure about Askarov to offer that kind of loot...but the potential of such a deal if it were to work out could solve the goaltending issue for MANY years, where you're basically only worrying about who the backup's gonna be.

    Nashville would have to be willing to commit hard to Saros though...not sure if they want to pay up for him.  

    I would honestly rather give up Mercer than Holtz...
    And Schmid or Daws are more than capable for backup duties.

  3. 7 minutes ago, SKA1989 said:

    If Fitz trades him for a first + player, I want nothing to do with that first except for him to package it for a goalie.

    I wouldnt mind trading 2 firsts away if it get us a legitimate starting goalie.   I really don't want to see a backup that we try at starter  re: VV
    Logan Thompson may be the exception?    Until Adin Hill emerged, he was looking like the starter in Vegas.

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  4. 18 minutes ago, ButlerBulldog said:

    1. He’s too slow to play on the same line as Jack, who needs to be paired with skaters who can match his speed and athleticism.

    2. His presence is forcing Timo out of position.

    3. He offers little besides scoring.

    4. He’s older than the Devils’ other core players and is likely to be on the decline as they hit their primes.  Better to allocate the money that would be used to re-sign him to other areas of need.

    5. We can net a first as a rental (pending UFA) 
    6. We can resign him this summer, for free, if he makes it to UFA (could be part of the Fitzy discussion)

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  5. 2 minutes ago, devlman said:

    I lost even more faith after watching that press conference. Throwing Holtz under the bus was unfair imo. Didn’t single anyone else out. And basically admitted he was willingly blind to seeing the need for a coaching change for months.

    Oh, and he wants to extend Toffoli. Fitz is a clown.

    Agreed.   I said it yesterday, but I just want to know their is a plan.   Instead, he came off as a defeated man upset he had to fire Lindy.  He could have very much used this press conference to address that Lindy wasn't getting the results from the roster, nor getting the buy-in needed from the players to improve.   Instead, it was a man defeated just giving off "I'm trying my best" vibe.

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  6. Just now, ButlerBulldog said:

    Plus, Holtz being moved likely means that Toffoli—who can’t play with Jack and whose presence is forcing Timo out of position—is staying beyond this season.  I’ve already made my feelings about Toffoli plain, so I’ll simply reiterate that Fitz needs to be right about these moves.  If they blow up in his face, he deserves to lose his job.

    Fitz wants Toffoli back, but they don't agree on term.    If we can get a 1st rounder for him, I want him off this team.
    We committed to Timo, we need to build around him and not build around Toffoli.  

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  7. 3 minutes ago, ButlerBulldog said:

    If Fitz decides to trade Holtz—and all indications are that he will—he’d better be making the right decision.  If Holtz blossoms somewhere else, Fitz is going to have a lot of egg on his face.

    He was extremely dismissive of Holtz and his goal scoring... and was more concerned about all around play off the puck.
    Holtz is going to be a goal scorer in this league.  That's hard to do.
    And it's going to be even harder watching him do it in the Western Conference.   

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  8. 10 minutes ago, nmigliore said:

    One thing I'll say about Holtz - I think he's certainly gone and I'd bet as soon as this Friday. It was weird/surprising to hear Fitz to speak so bluntly about him, yet cite the "human element" when discussing the goalie situation earlier.

    It's very clear that Lindy hated Holtz... and had Fitzy ear and backing of this assessment.  Fitzy's spoke with near disdain for Holtz - and clearly won't be heartbroken sending him out for a goalie if the opportunity arises.


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  9. 4 minutes ago, Colorado Rockies 1976 said:

    Some fair questions that need to be asked tomorrow:

    ”If a coaching change was an option for you, why did you wait this long to do so?”

    “Did your obvious friendship with Lindy cloud your judgment about what was best for the team?”

    “As GM, I always have that option… but I did and do believe in Ruff’s ability to develop a roster.  Obviously the organization had higher expectations this season, but ran into some unfortunate injuries.  Lindy did an admirable job trying to navigate this team through it, but especially on this west coast trip, it became apparent that his messaging and command was no longer what it should be… and the return to NJ home ice was going to be a detriment.”

    or something like that.


    I don’t want a bipolar GM…  you can’t back a guy so strongly and change your tune when things get tough.

    But when times were good last year, he was front and center with his plan.   We are absolutely a dumpster fire currently and there is no leadership for the fan base.  

    Your coach deflects, and there is no public accountability.  You have players and media dissing deficiencies in the team.  Like Joker in Batman, we just need to hear the plan.  We are publicly aimless.   

    If it’s we failed this year because of injuries but will try to compete, but looking more at next season… so be it.   We need a leader with a plan and the ability to pivot.  Losing Dougie early really hurt this team, and then we lost a bunch of forwards with the season seemingly on pause for Jack to come back to do Jack things.  When Jack failed to carry the team by himself, we imploded. 

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  10. Just now, njbuff said:

    And the future looks as bleak as ever with a bunch of stooges running the show.

    stripes lighten GIF

    Our future is insanely positive and does not resemble our dark periods. 

    The outlook of the remainder of the season?  Not great at all.

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  11. If we trade for a goalie now… giving up 3+ first round picks (2024, Mercer, Holtz, Casey (2nd)) - I’ll be livid.

    Season is fvcked - no reason to dump the promise of this roster for mid goalies that doesn’t address the problem.   Poor coaching, inexperienced defense, players afraid to shoot.

    Pack it in.  Sell off the extra pieces (Toffoli) but leave our future intact.   I still believe in our goalies long term, but we need a stopgap.  We don’t need to pay deadline prices.

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  12. Devils are calling him a forward.   If he plays defense and has grit?   I guess a Smith replacement.


    but I want to see us either get pieces to right the ship, or sell off.    No reason to float here rudderless.

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