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  1. Get those picks in for NJDevs Survival on Yahoo... 1pm deadline

  2. Still time to join Survivor Football. Pick 1 team each week to win, if you are right you move on. If you're wrong, you're done. http://football.fantasysports.yahoo.com/survival/register/joingroup GROUP: 15498 PASSWORD: elias

  3. I plan to hunt down and kill the jaguar shark. Purpose? Revenge for eating my friend.

  4. Breakfast? Breakfast, schmrekfest. Look at the score. I'm only in the middle of the second, and I'm winning 12 to 2. Breakfasts come and go, Rene. Now,Hartford—the whale—hey, they only beat Vancouver once... maybe twice in a lifetime.

    1. Scottie2Hottie


      totally watched mallrats 2 days ago.

  5. If I'm rubber, and you're glue... we're not human.

    1. Jerrydevil



  6. The Langoliers miniseries from the 90s? Yea, it falls just outside my top googolplex favorite movies.

    1. thelastonealive


      It is clearly a cinematic masterpiece sir and I will not tolerate future slander against it's good name! Harumph.

    2. aylbert


      Hey, it was an honorable mention. :P

  7. If you f up, I'm telling Tim

  8. I'm with Busey

  9. There is always money in the banana stand.

    1. NJCroMag
    2. aylbert


      There is ALWAYS money IN the banana stand.

  10. Fantasy Football? Forum Draft? We need one active member to join our NJDevs Football league... anyone interested?

    1. redruM


      redrum is in if its not too late

  11. I still don't forgive Holik... you broke my heart. If by chance I earn a Holik... I'm smashing it.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. NJCroMag


      Shake and bake!

    3. aylbert


      We all know John C Reilly is funnier... the masses are just misguided. :)

    4. NJCroMag


      "Walk Hard" for the win!

  12. So.. is Gomez going to petition to make the puck the size of a golf ball... and the nets, the size of a hole? (He shot a hole in one at his own tourney) He might find his scoring touch again.

  13. Your mom lied.

  14. I'm still waiting for my NJDevs signing bonus... I'm at the mailbox daily for the past 10 years or so.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Microwavepizza


      ill have to check with my people

    3. aylbert


      Have to be honest, the original contract was for a lifetime supply of 'Surge'... good luck.

    4. lucifer91


      nobody ever pays me in gum :(

  15. You're a lady and a dummy. And angelically-ugly to boot!

  16. In the battle for the 'Brylin', the only win I find acceptable is beating NJCroMag. The trophy and cash will be donated to a worthy charity.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. aylbert


      Say hi to your mom for me :)

    3. Masked Fan

      Masked Fan

      LOL Oh boy! The Brylins a lock after that comment!

    4. aylbert


      I'm "under" (the cover) "rated" with NJCroMag's mother if you know what I mean Trebek. /SeanConneryVoice

  17. I'm thinking about giving up following hockey and just following Kate Upton. I'll be a creepy old man.

    1. NJDevils1214


      I wouldn't think any differently of you for it.

    2. Masked Fan

      Masked Fan

      I understand

    3. aylbert


      Would Paulina Gretzky be a compromise? Not quite hockey, not quite hot enough?

  18. I'm on Plan C... is that bad?

  19. if you don't see my face. you're at the wrong place.

  20. No.

    1. NJCroMag


      You contradictin' me, boy?

  21. Award time means only one thing... it's time for the Fantasy Guru to get to work. FF is my warm up, FH is my domain.

  22. Often times it is asked: why isn't there an award in Claude Vilgrain's honor. Truth is, there is. No one has been worthy.

  23. Free agency doesn't excite me this year... after Parise, Suter and Aylbert... there's a big drop off.

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    2. 95Crash


      Secret agency is where it's at.

    3. aylbert


      If the Devils got shipped to Hamilton, and the Rangers moved to Newark, and called themselves the Devils... I would still them to gtfo of my wheelhouse*. * only because I like to think Im captain of crab vessel.

    4. aylbert


      95- Is that where the rest of the 'agents' are this year?

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