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  1. Just now, Nicomo said:

    Brendan Smith ladies and gentlemen…

    Definitely feel Luke Hughes making a ton of mistakes… but he’s a developing player.  Smith is supposed to be that steady defensive veteran who doesn’t make many mistakes (or highlights)

    that isn’t happening 

  2. Just now, MadDog2020 said:

    He needs to not do this job anymore

    Like I get Chico was getting a bit too old, but at least he had stories and pointed opinions.   Dano “oh boy”   “I remember playing with/against X back in the day”  “they need to forget what just happened and just push forward”

    I don’t love Sal, but just give him the job with an at-level mic…

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  3. They were actively shopping Holtz and Casey for goalie help, and had Holtz on the first line against Calgary.    But I don’t get if they are shopping him, why they bury him on the 4th.  Play him where he should be played or send him to Utica to shine.

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  4. 19 hours ago, ButlerBulldog said:


    Fair enough.  I guess I prefer a response of “I don’t know, but I’ll find out.”

    He’d be murdered for that…   Press needs to remind him to check on his big ticket defensemen’s status?

    He’s still indefinite and not in a window were we can circle a date.   End of season was always best case, hopeful for playoffs if we’re there, or he’ll be back to start the season.

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  5. Sal is always ridiculously lower...  and more than half the time I have no idea what Dano is even trying to convey.  He doesn't add anymore insight or polish than Chico, but he isn't as likeable.  Sometimes I prefer listening in the car for the nostalgia aspect with Chico still doing his thing on the radio.

    Sal is better than Dano for sure, but STOP IT RIGHT THERE....   I don't want to listen to him.

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