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  1. aylbert

    Colin White....

    White's offense I think is a fluke... But when you work hard on the ice, good things happen... Im glad Whitey's working out... Ive been wondering who my next jersey would be of... since Holik abandoned us... I decided last night for it to be Whitey's... -Al
  2. The boys on WABC mocked the idea of Schwab playing in net last night... Won't they be surprised... I personally would have played Brodeur... Had he faced a arage of difficult shots last night, then Id give Schwab the nod... but honestly, Brodeur had a relatively easy night ... Schwabbie should do fine though... but my confidence is with Brodeur.... -Al
  3. aylbert

    Game Thread

    I really thought he was gunning a SO tonight... but Mario's prescene was felt..
  4. aylbert

    Game Thread

    3-1 Final, Devils regain sole claim to 1st in Atlantic...
  5. aylbert

    Game Thread

    Madden gets an Empty Netter.... 3-1
  6. aylbert

    Game Thread

    Ranger's lose one to Buffalo, 4-1
  7. aylbert

    Game Thread

    Laukkennen gets a goal off Mario... 2-1
  8. aylbert

    Game Thread

    Gionta trying to keep that streak alive... almost had it at the buzzer... ---- Best advice: screw the fans, pretend your on the road and just lock down the d-corps, and look to exploit the mistakes....
  9. aylbert

    Game Thread

    Yeah... Tivo scored 29secs in on a rap around, Whitey scored in the mid 2nd with a shot off Neidermayers stick...
  10. aylbert

    Game Thread

    Whitey scores!!! D is scoring
  11. aylbert

    Game Thread

    Devils are playing well against the Pens... if they stick to their plan as it is, they should win... Beware of Mario...
  12. How bout dumping Sean Burke (since Brodeur was ready) for Bobby Holik and Eric Weinrich?
  13. I didn't like these two particulary... Gilmour was good, but looking back , anybody would do this trade to get those three... I didn't like Zyuzin from day one, and we lost him for nothing .... Id rather just play my chances on one of the three surprising me... rather than see Zyuzin waste his shakey talents.
  14. aylbert

    Home Town Bias?

    That's actually his team nickname... Chico is just a lil slow Hell, even there website lists some of their nicknames... As for Chico, yes, he is bias... but for a color commentary guy, he is only a slight homer... I've listened to some pretty backwards commentary where its clear they aren't even in the same place and time as the game... there calls are just so bias... Besides, even before Chico gets on a homer rant, Doc ussually steps in... Chico is a homer, but there are plenty far more guilty... case in point: any game on Sunshine Network. ---Another thing, why, even with center ice, can't I see the damn Metro coverage... It peeves me! -Al
  15. aylbert

    Fischler On Danton

    People do stupid things when they are young; Lou was with Stan on this one, betting that he'd grow out of it and mature... Guess not fast enough (if any?)... -Al
  16. First off, I never liked Roenik... he has a big mouth and it speaks louder than his actions. All teams get each other on the ropes... But thats hockey... The article makes us sound like bandits, even though it was an even affair. -Al
  17. My seats weren't even in the photo All well Good game nevertheless. -Al
  18. aylbert

    2 Players Short

    Salomonsson needed a lot more work... Nemchinov was at least NHL-primed for 4th line.... All well, mistakes of the past can't be lamented... Anybody know where in Europe Segei is playing?
  19. aylbert

    2 Players Short

    I for one wouldn't mind seeing Sergei Nemchinov back on the roster... I didn't think he did that poorly last season... He's playing in Europe though I think... but why didn't we hold on to him for a bit longer? We could have used him a bit I think... -Al
  20. Perhaps this might sound strange, but I'm a bit worried about our defense of late. Sure, we're starting to score more, but it's because our defense is pressing too much. There needs to be a certain balence. Brodeur's save percentage is dropping, and is GAA of course is rising. I miss the 2-1 games... These "freakish" goals were allowed because we leave open shooting lanes... I never once thought NJ was doing "bad" or "struggling", but I know they haven't been "phenominal"... Perhaps on Monday they will return to a 1-0 NJ favour victory over the Flyers... I'll be in town for the game 00----- Flyers fans love the Red & Black filling there seats... just wish it was more than 10 people (Kinda hard to ask when they dominate our arena too)
  21. The Preds are like that though... actually, all teams are like that... Sometime people just step up, the good teams can keep it going past a game or so... -Al
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