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  1. I have Pi, who wants to come over?

  2. I'm going to be frank... OK. Can I still be Garth?

    1. Pepperkorn


      I have dibs on Ernest.

    2. Pepperkorn


      yesyes WW I know I know... but I love being earnest.

  3. I see all this NCAA tournament chatter for Drexel... then I realize it's because they got "snubbed". No problem, we still are sending 3 for wrestling. All is well :D

  4. Flower show this weekend, Baby shower next weekend. I'm manly.

  5. It is my job to keep punk rock elite

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    2. Pepperkorn


      tease... the both of yus I'm am currently taking the online harvard law constitutional law course if you dont mind...

    3. Aznjsn


      aylbert used ninja focus to slow his heart rate down. Just let the dirt shower over you Cromag

    4. aylbert


      Pk; I was voted "Most Likely to Tease on an NJDevs Forum" five years in a row. Where? Wouldn't you like to know.

  6. Too many trades, can't keep up. As in awake.

  7. I demand tributes for my birthday! :P

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    2. Quinn01


      Day late but happy bday pumpkin.

    3. aylbert


      2 days late Quinn... two days. Not to be confused with today or Tuesday :D

    4. Quinn01


      We are in different time zones.....I am a day behind.

  8. Why is Detroit so good at home, and mediocre on the road?

    1. CRASHER


      the ability to roll out Datsyuk, Zetterburg or Lidstrom against the guys you want every time you want is pretty damn good....or maybe they spike the other team's water bottles? :P

  9. I fully expect to be wowed tomorrow by you, yes you... my standards are high, step it up! :P

  10. Most do... but hey, I have that happy birthday message from raistlinmajere30 from 2009... so life is good :)

  11. I'm kinda a big deal, people know me.

    1. NJCroMag


      Where'd you get that suit? The toilet store?

    2. Quinn01


      youre a big fat joke!

  12. Devils will never lose again, bring on the cup!... we suck, gut the team! :D

  13. If I'm rubber, and you're glue... why are we reading forums?

  14. The dream of the 90s is alive, in Portland.

  15. I'm. the mother-flippin, hiphopopotamus - my lyrics are bottomless... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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    2. thelastonealive


      There ain't no parties like my nana's tea partys, heyyy, hooo...

    3. Quinn01


      Did Steve tell you that by perchance? Steve....

    4. Vic Rattlehead18

      Vic Rattlehead18

      why cause i rap about reality?

  16. Im having a boy! Benjamin Nicola Shenko... due May 18

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    2. aylbert


      I may have tucked an egg or two in there to be honest... so who knows :)

    3. Quinn01


      Poppa Aylbert.

    4. Derlique


      congrats man!

  17. The Night They Saved Christmas, ABC's 1984 made for TV movie, is by far, my favorite Christmas movie. If you dynamite site B, you are going to blow up Santa Claus! You're going to ruin Christmas forever!!!!!

  18. On Christmas, I will open a present with my wife, that my friend made for us, to reveal the sex of our first baby (due May 18)... Any bets on the sex?

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    2. NJCroMag


      Say no more...it's a girl.

    3. Pepperkorn


      yep - that's what they say

    4. aylbert


      deleted from the webs my comment... we're the 3 main users of the njdevs sidebar anyways. I'll let you know :D

  19. I'll sign any piss trough petitions going around

    1. Quinn01


      Pissing contest?

    2. NJCroMag


      At those troughs, there's always some wise-ass who says, "Ooh, that water's cold! Deep, too!"

  20. I know Nieds is important to our franchise... but I just don't feel the same as I do as I did with Stevens and Dano.

    1. thefiestygoat


      Agreed, I am very happy for him and grateful for his time here, but its not the same as #'s 3 and 4 for me.

    2. NJDevsRock


      Agreed. I wish I felt differently but I don't.

  21. Nice shoutout to Marty and Moose to start House tonight

  22. I may have been a bit bored today at work:

    1. Quinn01


      hahahaha awesome.

    2. Scottie2Hottie
  23. I already find myself avoiding the Hell forum... /sad

    1. CRASHER


      that's usually wise after they play a bad period, forget about a losing streak :P

    2. NJDevs4978


      I'll get to that point soon enough if this season keeps heading where I fear it might. Especially with the Kovy nonsense and Zach leaving, etc.

  24. Never trust cake, the cake is a lie

  25. Did we get eliminated from the playoffs already? WTH am I to do until Friday?

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