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  1. Callahan, B. Boyle....excellent job beating your old team!
  2. This is disgusting. I turned it off.
  3. TAMPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yes, he really did NOT look happy. Can't say I blame him.
  5. Those same words just came out of my mouth.
  6. Good for Calgary--great games tonight.
  7. For those of you with DirecTV, I contacted them to find out which games are being televised on Center Ice. Here's what they sent: http://sports.directv.com/Schedule/NHL.htm?#day11
  8. njmar

    Wild @ Devils

    Finally. I can stop holding my breath.
  9. Oh my God, we won a shootout...
  10. Doc, Chico and the Maven. This is awesome!
  11. Stuck with the Sharks feed. I hate these blackouts.
  12. Kings picked Adrian Kempe.
  13. That was weird--NBCSN just cut off the draft to put on Track and Field. I missed the Isles pick. Just found it on NHL Network.
  14. Goldobin to the Sharks
  15. I heard on NHL Radio today that Pekka Rinne had complications from surgery, so I'll go with Nashville.
  16. Agreed. A Rags loss tomorrow and Cory resigning will make my summer.
  17. My hope is they finish this in LA on Friday and won't have to see the bright lights of Broadway again this season.
  18. Yeah, Vigneault just referred to it in his post-conference. EDIT: Meant the soft ice!
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