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  1. i just read that Darren Dreger said that Ed Jovanovski was asked to waive his NTC. i wonder if anyone has heard anything. not that i think he'd come here because i don't know what we'd even offer.
  2. here's a quote i liked when i read it from zubrus: "The tradition, the winning they've had in the past here, that was my biggest attraction. I want to win and that's why I wanted to come here."
  3. i think the only other addition lou will make will be on defense. i guess markov would be alright, or maybe vishnevski. i think matvichuk is far too slow and will be exposed as the season goes on.
  4. what about vishnevski from nashville? i don't think he would get paid alot and he's a solid defenseman. i like markov but not enough to overpay him. and as someone mentioned, how is it that souray had 64pts and finished -28. no thanks.
  5. we should sign rory fitzpatrick. he was almost an all star.
  6. hannan signed with colorado according to sportsnet.ca
  7. i'm not upset that we haven't made any moves. really i'm only upset about gomez's location. i liked gomer but he didn't really blow me away with his play last season, though he had a nice playoff run. it only hurts more becase the gayshirts somehow got drury, who i really wanted and would have overpaid for. i have to believe lou has a plan and i'll be drinking the kool aid until september.
  8. is gomez to the gayshirts verified? i haven't seen anything yet except for espn.
  9. while i would tend to agree, that stability doesn't seem to be helping buffalo retain their two top UFA's.
  10. i don't think lou will be making any big time signings this offseason. i wouldn't doubt at all that he moves parise up and puts clarkson/brylin on the second unit to start the season. i'm not saying that we will keep this lineup all season long, but i'm not anticipating any big signings. who else is a big signing other than drury or briere? does anyone really believe we can sign ryan smyth? i don't see any of those guys coming here because lou isn't going to overspend and let the cap effect the way he can make moves in the future. and we still have to see how the whole martin deal shakes out. if he goes to arbitration, i think he'll be moved during the season, but not right away. and i still don't know how our defensive corp will look to start the season, but again i don't see him going out and spending big bucks on stuart/preissing/souray. i drink the lou aid religously so i believe he has a plan, i just don't think he's going to break bank this offseason. maybe with a trade during the season, but not right now.
  11. here's a rundown of the devils 2002 draft. it doesn't look very good 5 years later. http://www.hockeysfuture.com/articles/9708 2001 rundown. not very good either. http://www.hockeysfuture.com/articles/8818 the 2000 rundown. not a bad draft this year. all of these evaluations were done 5 years later. http://www.hockeysfuture.com/articles/7705
  12. i've pretty much accepted the fact gomez won't return, i just don't want to see him sign with the rangers or flyers.
  13. i think if we lose rafalski, we no longer have the option of trading martin. then we'd have to see about signing him before he goes the UFA route. i'd much rather we sign rafalski, even if we have to pay a little more, so we will still have the option of trading martin.
  14. i'm tired of hearing about how great luongo is without him ever backing it up on the ice. he's had "potential" his whole career. wasn't this his first season in the playoffs? and hasn't he been traded twice already? marty earned the vezina.
  15. the next person who suggests signing sykora should be banned. i'd like to see the devs go after hartnell.
  16. i remember reading that david hale was supposed to have some stevens in him. i hope calgary can find it because he didn't show it here, and i liked hale. i always root for the draftees.
  17. that's not a good idea. haven't you ever seen poltergeist?
  18. the AP Press is the worst paper for devils hockey, and sports in general. like you, i hated the fact all the devs articles were small and from the AP.
  19. as long as niedermayer never carries that cup, i don't care who wins if it aint the devs. up until this year i was thrilled knowing holik never made the playoffs since leaving us. but i think it'll be sens 6 ducks 5
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