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  1. the next person who suggests signing sykora should be banned. i'd like to see the devs go after hartnell.
  2. i remember reading that david hale was supposed to have some stevens in him. i hope calgary can find it because he didn't show it here, and i liked hale. i always root for the draftees.
  3. that's not a good idea. haven't you ever seen poltergeist?
  4. the AP Press is the worst paper for devils hockey, and sports in general. like you, i hated the fact all the devs articles were small and from the AP.
  5. as long as niedermayer never carries that cup, i don't care who wins if it aint the devs. up until this year i was thrilled knowing holik never made the playoffs since leaving us. but i think it'll be sens 6 ducks 5
  6. xxchaznjxx

    next season

    thanks for the welcome. i just found this site today looking for something else and i was happy i did. i love the fact you guys have some ahl info in purgatory. i like to keep up with the youngsters i'm just throwing ideas out there. i have nothing to back this up, just going on what i've seen this year. i know we'll have a better idea what's going on with the team when we find out what the salary cap will be like. i'm just real disappointed with the way it ended this year, just like last year. i'm starting to wonder if the devils can continue to play the same style they do to compete in this new nhl. i'd like to see them be a little more aggressive on offense but i think we all would.
  7. xxchaznjxx

    next season

    i'm interested in what lou will do with this group next year. 2 years in a row with the same result ain't what he had in mind. i'm not sure what our salary cap situation is like next year so i can't tell if lou is going to be a buyer or seller. i think pat burns will be the coach next year. i think rafalski won't be resigned and greene will slip into his role. i think gomer is gone. i don't see him giving us the hometown discount like patrick and marty did and i don't think the devs will tie a lot of money up in him. hopefully he doesn't end up with the philly or the gayshirts of NY. i've heard LA, but we'll have to wait and see. but we will need a #1 center, perhaps someone with some size. or let zajac go up to #1 and get a solid #2 with size. what happened to our shut down line. i love mad dog/pando to death, but they didn't do a whole lot of shutting down during these playoffs. and they had too much ice time. if we are going to be a defense first team, we need to upgrade our d, or at least bring in that one guy to rally around. we have a nice group of d men, but there are no daneyko's, stevens or (traitor)neidermayers back there anymore. i hope this isn't the end for sarge, but being demoted to the 4th line in a pivotal game doesn't look good for him next year. i'm interested in seeing who lou brings up next seasons. looks like rupp and rasmussen could be expendable if some of the youngsters step up. clarkson is almost asured a spot.
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